Hornets are Thin at Center: What Should We Do Tonight?

Hornets are Thin at Center: What Should We Do Tonight?


Hornets are Thin at Center: What Should We Do Tonight?


I trust Coach JB. I really do. He’s seeing what none of us, and none of the news media gets to see because practices are basically closed. We can all be armchair coaches, but ultimately, I don’t think we reserve the right to judge Coach JB. I see it n Facebook where people are saying to get rid of Coach JB. We have played 1 game. 1!!??! I see people saying he’s in year 3 and nada. People need to be realistic. My comment to those people is simple: Judging Coach JB like they are is like giving a driver the keys to a car that has 3 wheels, a couple tires are bald, and no gas. He’s getting pieces together to be able to have plans for the team…strategies. It’s hard to do that with no parts to work with. Also it is hard to do when the pieces you got keep breaking…(yes Cody Zeller, you).

So, from this armchair Coach who has been blogging about the team since the Bobcats came to town, I have some suggestions. My suggestions must suck because in the past 11 years, I’ve yet to be offered the head coaching position or an assistant coaching spot, but I don’t take it personal, and I’m going to keep making suggestions just like everyone else does.

JB has to be seeing something in practice that makes him not give Carey or Richards the minutes, but I’m going to share my plans all the same. Coach, if you need me, I am available via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

I’d start Biz with limited minutes (sub out about 5 min into the 1st, then go to Vern to close out and start the 2nd. Give him 8-10 minutes on the floor. Then go back to Biz to close out the half.

Start Biz in the 3rd, repeat the rotation but with Nick Richards this time. Get him 8-10 minutes as well. Rinse & repeat until you figure out who the best option is for us.

Also, scrap “small ball” w/PJ at C. He’s struggling so he doesn’t need a change of position. We were all counting on the All-NBA Rookie 2nd team player to take another huge leap forward, but he is the ONLY guy on the floor who looks to have regressed. For PJ, his assignment is simple. Find the parts of your game that worked last year and just do that. No point in adding 10 other things when it makes the 5 things you were doing well, worse. Less is more. Addition by subtraction. No reason you can’t be doing the exact same thing you did last year, this year, only better.

Also a concern of mine; Biz thrives and helps Melo. Pulling him away from the rookie isn’t a great move. If we must go small ball, start PJ instead of Biz, but you will need to still give Biz extended run with Melo. Vern and Nick both need to be on the floor for 8-10 consecutive minutes. as well, so if PJ small-ball isn’t working, insert Vern/Nick. keep Biz with Melo.

5 minute spurts on the floor for any player is not enough to get in a groove and to get used to things. 7 minutes is the bare minimum, and that’s if the game can flow. Stoppages every 30 seconds because of fouls is not a way to get any sort of flow. I’ve played basketball before, as I am sure that many fans have as well. You can’t come into a game that has no flow and get into a flow. You need that up and down the court.

Coach JB will do what he must with what he has. It’s the 2nd game of the year, but with a shortened season, but if Carey and Richards aren’t it, look for a free agent signing to happen before game 8. It’s just a gut feeling.

Fans, #KeepSwarming


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