Jey Uso: Increasing His Worth As Highlight of WWE Smackdown

Jey Uso: Increasing His Worth As Highlight of WWE Smackdown

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Jey Uso: Increasing His Worth As Highlight of WWE Smackdown


If there were any doubt that Jey Uso would be in the shadows following his stellar 2020 rise to the main event scene, those doubters would sadly be mistaken.

Uso continues to deliver flawlessly with the fresh novel opportunity as a singles star.  His charismatic personality and sharp attitude in the ring stand out as both he and cousin Roman Reigns consistently deliver television gold on Smackdown.  Pulling the trigger on a shocking heel turn for Reigns with the creation of a captivating story involving Uso acting accordingly to the Head of the Table continues to keep giving as the new year rolls on.

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With those facts at the forefront, there is no way to go but up for Jey Uso.  His entry in this year’s Royal Rumble means so much more now.  Uso is main event caliber and poses a big threat for the 29 other competitors who also want a main event spot at WrestleMania.  His intent to dominate alongside Reigns is something that doesn’t need to be taken lightly.

Given the Royal Rumble scenarios from the luck of the draw on, it would be no surprise if Uso ends up being in the final four of the match, or even the final two.  The possibility is there, and whatever happens will add to his growing story.

It is only January, and speculation is always high when it comes to the Royal Rumble.  Uso’s success in the Royal Rumble match will be a career defining moment if any of the above scenarios take place.  Even if the match isn’t booked in Uso’s favor, any moment during his time in the match could be of significance.

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Further speculation past the Royal Rumble factors in his twin brother Jimmy Uso, who is still on the injured reserve list.  Jimmy’s impending return potentially brings more conflict and issues to the surface, especially when it concerns Reigns’ manipulative tactics.

Who knows what will come after the Royal Rumble.  Will we see a conflict of interest similar to what was seen in the fall?  Or perhaps Jimmy will “fall in line” behind Reigns no questions asked.  The question remains unknown for now, but with WrestleMania season on the come up, it is inevitable that something bigger is brewing to the surface.

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2020 was the start of something much bigger for the current generation of the highly prestigious Anoa’i Family.  There is no question that 2021 looks to be the year of the Samoan Dynasty.  It’s long overdue, and there’s no more time to overlook the abundance of talent these guys possess.  It’s time to fall in line just in time for the ride.

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