2012 NBA Draft: Kings’ first workout spotlights potential lottery pick John Henson

The Sacramento Kings’ first draft workout will focus on addressing the power forward position.

North Carolina’s John Henson highlights tomorrow’s workout at the Kings practice facility in Natomas.  The session will also feature power forward Drew Gordon of New Mexico, who will most likely be pitted against Henson in a three-on-three setting.

Joining Henson and Gordon are two other big men in Ricardo Ratliffe of Missouri and Yancy Gates of Cincinatti.  Guards Oscar Bellfield of UNLV and Charlie Westbrook of South Dakota will also participate in Monday’s workout.

Current Mock Draft Projections

John Henson

Drew Gordon

  • Draft Express: Pick No. 38, Denver Nuggets
  • NBADraft.net: Pick No. 33, Cleveland Cavaliers

Henson participated in the NBA’s annual Draft Combine in Chicago.  How do his measurements compare to his fellow draft mates and past prospect classes?  From Draft Express:

John Henson (6’9 without shoes, 7’5 wingspan, 216 pounds) tied Kyle O’Quinn (6’8.5 without shoes, 7’4.75 wingspan, 241 pounds) for the highest standing reach at the 2012 Combine (9’3.5). Henson is most physically similar to Kevin Durant (6’9 without shoes,7’4.75 wingspan, 215 pounds) as his weight places his 20 pounds lighter than the average power forward prospects


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