53 man roster prediction: part 2

The first pre-season game has come and gone and there have been a ton of Roster moves. Ellerbe was set to make it all 4 of us said and he now is gone. We have 1 – and only 1 – total new (old) option at LS and lots more. This time Brian Pavek found the time to send us his 53 man prediction in time, so we now have 5 people contributing. 2 Brians, so I am going with 2 initials.

Keep your eye out for the next installment; part 3 (of 4), in about a week!

These are the most notable changes compared to last week:
  • WR: Lewis seems the front runner for the #5 WR position.
  • Allen is gone as backup for the Center position ans is replaced by LeRibeus.
  • First 3 DTs are set. 4th place on the roster is a big mystery.
  • Mauti is coming up the ranks hard to claim the vacated LB position by Ellerbe.
  • Swann has sang his last swan song and Harris has come as a string contender out of no-where.
  • Eric Harris took his banjo and is playing on the front porch while Banjo is knocking on the door for a 5th Safety spot.
  • The war of the Longsnappers is over. To quote a Dutch proverb: “When 2 dogs fight for a bone the 3rd one grabs it.”

Writers” contributing (I am using parentheses because of Andrew):

The positions

  •  QB
    1. Brees, Daniel
    2. Nassib (MP)
  •  RB
    1. Ingram, Kamara, Lasco, Peterson
  • FB
    1. Kuhn
  •  WR
    1. Coleman, Ginn, Snead, Thomas
    2. Lewis (AJ, RD, MP)
    3. Dural (BP)
    4. Fuller (BB)
  •  TE
    1. Fleener, Hill
    2. Hoomanawanui (AJ, BB, RD, MP)
    3. Harbor (BP)
  • T
    1. Barnes, Ramczyk, Strief
    2. Bryce Harris (RD)
  •  G
    1. Kelemete, Peat, Warford
    2. Turner (AJ, BB, BP, RD)
    3. Sokoli (MP)
  •  C
    1. Unger
    2. LeRibeus (AJ, RD, MP)
  •  DT
    1. Davison, Onyemata, Rankins
    2. Loewen (BB, BP)
    3. Zimmer (AJ)
    4. McDaniel (RD)
    5. Mabry (MP)
  •  DE
    1. Jordan, Okafor, Kikaha
    2. Muhammad (AJ, BB, BP, RD)
    3. Hendrickson (BB, BP, RD, MP)
    4. Tapp (AJ)
    5. Gwacham (MP)
  •  LB
    1. Anthony, Anzalone, Klein, Robertson, Stupar
    2. Mauti (AJ, BB, BP, MP)
    3. Te’o (BB, BP, MP)
    4. Bighill (RD)
  •  CB
    1. Breaux, Lattimore, Moore, P.J. Williams
    2. Crawley (AJ, BB, BP, RD)
    3. De’Vante Harris (AJ, BB, BP, RD)
    4. Foreman (MP)
  •  S
    1. Bush, Vaccaro, Marcus Williams, Bell
    2. Banjo (AJ, BB, BP)
  •  K
    1. Lutz
  •  P
    1. Morstead
  •  LS
    1. Drescher

A few notes:

  • Brian Pavek is actually Nick underhill. He is not cutting down to 53. He is cutting down to 53 *slash* 53; keeping an option open for any of the 4 TEs after Fleener to fill 2 spots. He also thinks WR Dural has about the same chances as Fuller and Loewen is as probable as Zimmer at the DE spot. In the end his picks were literally decided by the flip of a coin.
  • Brian Bauer made his list and it turned out he and Brian Pavek had the exact same thoughts. He and Brian share a brain… See what I did there? Brain <-> Brain … Not funny? Ok. It is just me then. #Dadjokes.
  • I think Nassib can not be cut as he can be the QB of the future if he keeps this up.
  • A couple of positions are really hard to call as far as depth is concerned, but none as tough as TE. I would not be surprised if Payton kept 4.
  • We all put Armstead on PUP. He does not count towards the active roster come week 1.
  • Andrew awarded Hendrickson the Payton red-shirt special and put him on IR.