5th Grader Writes Awesome, Funny Poem


It’s been a rough start to the season.

The Cardinals find themselves in a hole a little over 2 weeks into the season and most likely your social media feed is full of fun little pick-me-ups like this:

Candidly, as a blog, it’s pretty easy to churn out the content when the Cardinals hit a rough patch. It’s much harder to keep a stiff upper lip and hope for the best.

But kids?

Man, kids are optimistic.

Last night around 10:30p, a Twitter user by the name ‘jamielyn‘ posted a picture of what appears to be her daughter’s (?) 5th grade writing assignment of a ‘humorous, fantasy poem’. A young girl by the name of Katryna Bruan (sp?) is the author.

‘Jamielyn’@’d a couple of Cardinals (Dexter Fowler, Jedd Gyorko) and a media member (Jim Hayes), but as of this publication, with 17 RTs and 36 likes, it has flown under the internet’s radar for the most part.

But it’s cute.

Here is it larger:

5th Grader Writes Awesome, Funny Poem

5th Grader Writes Awesome, Funny Poem

I mean, if that doesn’t at least put a tiny little smile on your face…

Well done, young lady.

Here’s hoping that Dex or Jedd or The Cat sees your work and shares it with their audience.

Photo: Rick Maack

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