Arroyo (4-0, 3.21) @ Lilly (2-4, 8.82)

Lilly’s not having such a hot year. Arroyo has been on fire, and just doesn’t know how to lose. Ted Lilly has struggled this year, but he started off hot, got disgustingly cold and might be on track. His ERA so far this year: 1.80, 3.60, 6.75, 6.98, 7.77, 9.35, 10.41, 8.82. So he’s working his way back down! Optimism abound for the Jays fans!
Yeah right. I expect a beating by the Red Sox tonight as revenge for the Embree crap-fest we had to deal with yesterday. It better happen.
A lot of people seem to be muttering over the fact the Sox are only (“only”) 25-19, but we’re doing this with a barely non-existent infield (although Bill Mueller is heating up with a .325/.436 line – 2 HRs, 13 RBIs since missing four games from April 21-24) and Manny hasn’t been hot yet. We’re missing our two aces (starting and relief), and while Wells is working his way back, isn’t “back yet”. Bellhorn is heating up a bit, but still has a season line of .218/.325/.356 … Millar (self-admittedly) sucks, and Renteria … well, let’s just pass over him for now.
And yet we’re 25-19. We’re in a tough stretch right now, 10 straight against AL East opponents TOR, NYY, BAL. Seriously, all I want is a 5-5 trip. I will take that, really, I will. As long as we can stay around the division lead, say, five games, we’ll be sitting pretty in September because from August 26 on, 24 of the 36 final games will be at Fenway. Most excellent.
But that’s September, this is now. Go forth Arroyo and make us proud! Leave your comments here before, during, and after the game.
PREDICTION: Lilly isn’t doing so hot. The Sox are in the skydome. Lilly is a lefty. Manny can’t hit lefties, but used to over his career. I’m calling a home-run off Ted Lilly by Manuel Aristides Ramirez.

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