BIG3 Participants (and Former Knicks) Praise NYC For Its Good Food

Ice Cube’s BIG3 league has given fans who still crave basketball in the summer a healthy helping to satisfy their appetites. This unique competition features fan-favorites from the past two decades getting  another shot to strut their stuff and prove they still have something left in their game-tank. All the while, these players can bask in their reclaimed glory.

Returning to the spotlight means looking back fondly on their days in the NBA. With that in mind, Sports Illustrated polled some of the BIG3’s top talents to find out their favorite places to eat while on the road. Not surprisingly, New York City was an overwhelming winner.

Larry Hughes, Michael Sweetney, and Moochie Norris all played for the Knicks and spent enough time in the Big Apple to have their go to spots and favorite meals. As can be read in the article, the love for New York didn’t end there.

The players also dished on which of their teammates boasted weird eating habits over the years. Former Knicks Steve Francis, Eddy Curry, and Jerome James all received some of the arguably ill-advised recognition.

There wasn’t all old news, however. One current Knick, Joakim Noah has become known for some unique culinary combinations, former Bulls teammate Rasual Butler explained. “He would put everything on his plate and mix it all together. He would have pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, pasta with meat sauce and other stuff and just mix it all together and eat it. I thought that was kind of weird.”

Needless to say, New York City is well known, not only for its happening eateries, but also their colorful characters like Hell’s Kitchen’s own Noah. He fits right in.