CeeDee Lamb snatches phone out of girlfriend’s hands, prompting angry reaction (Video)

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The Cowboys were lucky in having Alabama product CeeDee Lamb fall all the way to them at No. 17, with many draft experts having projected him to go in the top 12.

But that wasn’t the case, as a number of teams elected to go with “safe” picks — taking offensive and defensive linemen, building up their trenches. As a result, the skill-position players, especially receivers, took a bit of a slide.

Lamb went all the way down to 17, and he was shown by TV cameras after having been drafted. A funny moment then took place, as his girlfriend picked up his cell phone and looked at it. Lamb was not having it, though, as he snatched it out of her hand, then shook his head no.

And the reaction — a cold stare — from his girlfriend said it all.


Too funny.

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