CK Podcast 348: Utah Jazz talk and breaking down the Garrett Temple trade

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Beat Writer Andy Larsen was on the show to talk Utah Jazz! Later on the podcast, Leo joins Dustin to talk about what’s going on with the Kings!
1:14 – Andy talks about joining the Salt Lake Tribune
1:45 – Culture of Jazz Basketball
2:33 – 2002 Kings & 2018 Jazz teams similar
3:50 – Head Coach Quinn Snyder
5:11 – Quinn Snyder & GM Dennis Lindsey
6:19 – Snyder and The Media Relationship
7:32 – Donovan Mitchell Love
8:58 – Did Andy see Mitchell being this good
10:30 – Donovan Mitchell Relationship with the Media
11:37 – Ricky Rubio 1st season in SLC
13:30 – Who wanted Ricky?
14:24 – Rudy Gobert Underrated
16:39 – Derrick Favors Resigning
18:10 – Most Underrated Player on Jazz?
20:14 – Why Grayson Allen?
22:33 – Dante Exum
27:28 – One Word!
29:06 – Leo Joins the Show
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