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Hey, I think the comments are a little inconsistent as far as WHEN they show up, but I think eventually they do. I’ve had trouble at times getting a new post added to the site. It must be a traffic issue, something like that? I’m not really sure exactly. Anyway, your picks are in!

At 11:23 AM, Dr. Ferdie (Lawson) said…

This has got to be quick….Made my picks yesterday and for some reason they didn’t post (which has happened to me before)…so without the attempted wit and insight combo, here go Ferdie!Cal 49 OSU 21 Oregon State makes case for best 2-9 team in the history of ever.

Stanford 31 UW 13 Washington again prepares to set low expectations before the Northwest Championship.

UCLA 28 SDst 17 San Diego State isn’t good, Michigan is overrated, and UCLA is somewhere inbetween….

ASU 41 Oregon 10 Walters for Heisman? Ducks show that loss to Indiana at home is what it is: The Ducks aren’t good.

Utah 45 NM 10. Utah good, New Mehico not good.

Tenn 23 Auburn 21. Auburn can’t win on the road, Tennessee wins at home if the opponent isn’t Fla. This will be another GREAT SEC match-up that I won’t watch.


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