Controversial Former WWE Superstar Joins MLW

WWE Superstars come and go, all for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it’s a contract dispute, other times it’s creative differences. But sometimes, the situation is mired in controversy.

That was the case for Albert Hardie, known on WWE’s NXT brand as Jordan Myles. Hardie, returning to his ACH moniker, is now part of the MLW roster. This news comes just weeks following his raucous exit from Vince McMahon’s company.

MLW announced the move in a press release on December 6.

MLW is about to get suuuuuuuper! Fresh off of a surprise return last night at MLW’s Opera Cup event, Major League Wrestling today confirmed the return of ACH to the organization.

Known for bombarding adversaries with a variety of 450º splashes and signature moves like the Dragon Ball Z (multiple elbows to a cornered opponent followed by a running thrust attack), ACH is a powerhouse anime character come to life.

Wowing crowds around the world, the Austin, Texas native is a dynamic athlete. Combining uncanny agility with blistering strikes, ACH is the evolution of the modern-day fighter.

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ACH’s issues with WWE began over a T-Shirt design that depicted what he felt was a blackface image. He felt that WWE was mocking him and the racial overtones surrounding the shirt caused him to rant on social media, where he accused the company of wrongdoing. WWE claimed that Hardie approved the design beforehand and the T-Shirt was ultimately not released by the company.

ACH spent the next several weeks defending himself and attacking WWE at every turn. Many pro wrestling insiders predicted that the company would not want to keep him in the mix because of the controversy and it now appears that has come to pass, as Hardie actually “quit” WWE on Twitter.

ACH is being advertised for MLW’s Zero Hour event, which takes place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.