‘Friday Night SmackDown’ (11/20) Results And Review: ‘Survivor Series’ Contract Signing, SmackDown Teams Are Revealed, And More

Friday Night SmackDown
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This edition of Friday Night SmackDown took place inside the WWE ThunderDome with virtual fans in attendance. The show featured a contract signing for the Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series between Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins took on Murphy for payback after Murphy costed Rollins the match with Rey Mysterio last week and Daniel Bryan returns to get retribution on Jey Uso.

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The show opened with The Street Profits, hyping up Survivor Series. They talk about Undertaker’s farewell and Big E showed up imitating The Undertaker. The Profits tells Big E that they will beat his boys The New Day. Big E tells them The New Day are here tonight. Big E does The New Day intro.

At the arena, The New Day came out to the ring. Woods says that they were invited and they want to give Fox something to talk about. They tell the Profits that they don’t want them because they would be dead men. They pay tribute to Undertaker as they sat up in the ring. Sami Zayn interrupted them saying that he wants revenge for Undertaker for choke slamming at MSG. Sami claims he will show Bobby Lashley that the IC champion is better at Survivor Series. He tells them to talk about the hottest thing in WWE now and that is him. They mock Sami’s outfit but then King Corbin came out. Corbin insults The New Day saying they need to leave since they are on his show. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode interrupt saying he doesn’t like Sami being in this position and they want a tag title opportunity. Roode says they would win the titles the next tie they face. The New Day said they would love to defend the titles but they prefer Corbin and Sami. Corbin and Sami say they are not a team but they would beat Ziggler and Roode if they were. The two teams argue over it and The New Day purposes they face to see who will face The New Day for the titles. Roode and Ziggler look like they are going to fight Corbin and Sami but then Roode and Ziggler beat down The New Day. The Street Profits came out for the save.

The Street Profits and The New Day Defeated Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, King Corbin and Sami Zayn

Review: This was pretty good. It felt very formulaic with how the promos transition into a 8 man tag and they didn’t need two commercial breaks for this at all.

Sami Zayn complained to the referee backstage about what happened to him in the tag match. Daniel Bryan was there and laughed at Sami. Sami berated him for it and poked his finger at Daniel, telling him Daniel needs to respect him. Daniel shoves him down. Sami said this isn’t over and he won’t forget as he walked away.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Daniel Bryan asking him about what Jey Uso did to him 3 weeks ago. Daniel said that Jey has a devil on his shoulder and understands why Jey did that to him. Daniel said that he is not concerned about coming back too soon. He tells Jey that what he does to him will be nothing personal.

Adam Pearce talked to someone backstage telling them they will be on Team SmackDown. It is revealed to be Otis. Gable is psyched for him and tells him that he is going to get him ready. Natalya comes up to Adam saying that she needs to be on Team SmackDown and he has the power to choose who will be on the team. Adam chooses Bayley to be on the women’s team. Natalya freaks out and says she is the BOAT. Adam tells her that her match is next and she storms off.

Seth Rollins appeared backstage saying that Murphy was a nobody before he came along. Seth claims he gave him everything and that he would’ve never met Aliyah if he wasn’t with Seth. He yells about Murphy betraying him and he will make Murphy pay for it. He claimed Murphy will go back to being a nobody once he is done with him.

Natalya Defeated Tamina To Qualify For The Women’s Team

Bayley assembled the team in the ring as Bayley claims she is the captain.

Review: Pretty good match. It was pretty predictable that Natalya was going to win it with how she has been featured.

Drew McIntyre came out to the ring for the contract signing as did Roman Reigns. Adam Pearce presented the contracts to them. Roman said he knew Drew could do it. Roman said he is the right guy, at the right place but at the wrong time. Drew said he won the title not for Roman but for himself. Drew signed the contract. Drew tells him to underestimate him and prepare for war. Roman tells Drew that Paul Heyman advises him not Drew. He said WWE is his and Drew is not going to like how Survivor Series goes. He tells Drew that he is a prop with the secondary title. Roman brags saying the world knows who he is and that he is the face of the WWE. He tells Drew he will finally have the opportunity to be the face of the company and he will thank Roman. Roman tells Drew he will always be his favorite #2. Roman signed the contract and left.

Murphy Defeated Seth Rollins

Review: Really good match. I love the decision of Rollins putting Murphy over especially when Rollins is going to be off TV.

Sasha Banks came out to the ring. As they came back from commercial, Asuka was in the ring. Michael Cole was in the ring with them, saying it has become a bitter rivalry starting with Sasha beating Asuka for the title in the summer. Sasha bragged about doing it and Asuka yelled at Sasha for it. Cole asked Sasha if Asuka has her number. Sasha gives Asuka props as being the best in the world but Asuka mocks her saying that she is not the boss of her. Sasha laughs but then says it won’t be funny when she makes Asuka taps out. Asuka says Sasha can’t see her. Sasha said she finally understands her and that they can fight right now. Asuka said Sasha is not ready for her. Sasha said she is born ready but then Carmella attacked her from behind. Asuka watched on as Carmella put Sasha in the tree of woe and stomped her on it. Carmella tells her that boss time is over and kicks her in the head.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Jey Uso asking him about Daniel Bryan’s comments. Jey said he will finish what he started with Daniel and that he beat down Bryan because he wanted to.

Daniel Bryan Defeated Jey Uso

Review: Really good match. I like the story they were telling the whole time with both guys beating each other up following up on the beat down that Jey gave Daniel 3 weeks ago.

Overall Review: This was a pretty good go home show. The matches with Daniel Bryan/Jey Uso and Rollins/Murphy I enjoyed the most. The contract signing was probably the best segment on the show with how great Roman was with his dialogue with Drew.

Overall Grade: 6/10

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