‘Friday Night SmackDown’ (12/11) Results And Review: Women’s Title Main Event, Kevin Owens Calls Out Roman Reigns, And More

Friday Night SmackDown

Friday Night SmackDown took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersberg Florida with virtual fans in attendance. Scheduled on the show was a contract signing between Sasha Banks and Carmella for their title match at TLC. Also, Sami Zayn took on Big E one on one and one and Montez Ford of The Street Profits took on Dolph Ziggler.

The show kicked off with the contract signing between Sasha Banks and Carmella. Adam Pearce introduces the contract signing to Sasha as she came out to the ring. Sasha yelled at Pearce when she noticed the contract was missing. Carmella showed up the titantron with the contract. She signed it and said she will have her assistant hand it over to her. Sasha said she won’t be falling for her tricks and asked if she is embarrassed being who she is. Carmella said she is proud of who she is. She talks about how she is the hot chick that has been playing chess with Sasha. Sasha suggests that they play how fast can Sasha make Carmella cry. Sasha puts her stamp on the contract as Carmella’s assistant handed it to her. Sasha said that they don’t have to wait until TLC and they can have a title match tonight. Carmella agreed and Pearce made the match. Sasha gave Carmella a preview of how tonight is going to go as she attacks Carmella’s assistant and puts him in the Banks Statement.

Kayla Braxton interviewed The Street Profits backstage and asked them if their loss to Roode and Ziggler last week affected them. They said it hasn’t and Montez is hyped to beat Ziggler in their match coming up.

The Street Profits made their entrance. Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode came out for the match and Ziggler commented on Ford calling him a poor man’s HBK. Roode warns them that their tag title reigns is going to go up in smoke.

Dolph Ziggler Defeated Montez Ford

Sami Zayn was backstage complaining to the merchandise people about why there isn’t any merch for him until Big E interrupted. Big E tells him that he should focus on the meat inside as he gives Sami one of his shirts. Apollo and Big E give him a shirt with Sami as a stick figure saying “I Am Sami Zayn.” Sami gets angry and tries ripping the shirt but fails. Sami walks away.

As they come back from commercial, Sami Zayn was in the ring complaining about the company not promoting his merchandise and how he doesn’t get any respect as Intercontinental Champion until Big E came out for the match.

Sami Zayn Defeated Big E By Countout

Bayley gave her thoughts on the Women’s title match later on in the show saying Carmella will win. Bayley started trash talking about Bianca Belair until Bianca cut her off. Bianca brags about how she was the workhorse of the Survivor Series team and defeated Natalya unlike Bayley as she explained why she is the EST. Bayley heard enough and left. Bianca jokingly asked if she wanted her to text it all to her.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Carmella about the contract signing. She said this is what a sexy SmackDown Champion looks like and called her assistant to help her celebrate in style.

Jey Uso confronted Roman backstage. Roman asked if he was good and if his family was good. Jey said yeah. Kevin Owens’ music hit and he came out to the ring. Jey tells Roman he wants to get Kevin. Roman tells him to go get him. Owens started putting a ladder, chairs and a table in the ring. Kevin says he doesn’t fear Roman as Roman watches backstage. Kevin tells Roman that his family is doing the fighting for him. He said he needs all the help he can get to beat Roman and said he has a few friends to help him which are the chairs, tables and ladders. He said he will give everything to become Universal Champion again. Jey Uso attacked him with a chair as Kevin was on the ladder. Jey attacked him in the knee with the chair. Jey put Kevin on the table and went for a splash but Kevin assualted Jey with the chair. Owens finished Jey off by powerbombing him through a table. Roman and Paul Heyman came out as Kevin dared him to get in the ring. Roman and Paul left. Kevin left the ring with a chair to go after Roman.

Kevin continued chasing him backstage. Kayla tried to get a word with him but then Kevin tells her that Roman verbally attacked his family so he attacked Roman’s family. Roman attacked Kevin from behind with a chair. He beat down Kevin and talks to Kevin’s family through the camera saying that he is the guy that puts food on their table. Roman tells Kevin’s Family that he will be the one to take the food off Kevin’s table.

The Riot Squad Defeated Natalya And Billie Kay

They show a video promo of Chad Gable training Otis to work on his blind side.

Kayla interviewed Otis and Gable about their first tag match tonight. Chad said Otis has grit and tenacity. They get hyped until Cesaro and Nakamura interrupt to make fun of them. Otis gets angry but Chad tells him to get focused for the match.

Shinsuke Nakamura And Cesaro Defeated Otis And Chad Gable

Chad Gable tells Otis backstage saying that this was a great learning experience because he should’ve not tagged him in. He tells Otis he is teaching him what not to do. Otis looked confused as Chad left.

King Corbin praised Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler for helping them win last week. Corbin was interviewed about this alliance. Corbin names them the Knights Of The Lone Wolf. He said they have pledged their loyalty to him. Corbin warns Rey that the consequences for him will be worse than him losing an eye.

Carmella Defeated Sasha Banks By DQ In The SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

Sasha attacked Carmella’s assistant and Carmella. Carmella fought back after Sasha had the Banks Statement on Carmella’s assistant. Carmella beat her down by the champagne bottles. Carmella broke a champagne bottle over Sasha’s back. Carmella gloated as she had a glass of champagne and celebrated as the show went off the air.

Overall Review: Pretty good show. I’m surprised they did the Women’s title match on TV but in this case it worked to help make the feud a lot more heated. The best thing on the show was the Kevin Owens promo along with Roman’s beatdown on Kevin backstage as he is talking to the family through the camera. Roman just made that promo! Everything else on the show was just mostly average except for the Otis and Chad Gable stuff and the match with Big E and Sami. Both those of those segments were entertaining more than the actual matches and I’m interested to see what they do with them.

Grade: 6/10



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