I’m sure it’s all good news


The Calgary Flames are getting a new arena, which is too bad, because when the Saddledome is gone, there won’t be enough arenas named after things they are shaped like. Of course, the Saddledome needs to be replaced as it is similar to a saddle, as if you were to describe it’s current utility, it would be lower than ass.

The new arena is agreed to, and will start construction soon, so the latest update from the city and the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation is almost certainly nothing to worry about, or be suspicious of. From the article, via Global News, we find these illuminating and surely innocuous quotes.

The arena project has been paused since April as both the City of Calgary and the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation worked through a “difference” in the budget estimates compared to the arena that was designed.

They said difference in quotes! That means there was probably not even a difference. Let’s move on.

Global News also learned the budget difference was around $70 million.

Oh, ok, that’s fine. That’s about how much the Wild still owe Zach Parise. Surely, the two sides will come to an equitable solution and announce the new deal to the public of Alberta’s finest* town.

In a closed door session on Tuesday evening, city council discussed the changes and emerged with several confidential recommendations.

Oh. Well, at least it couldn’t possibly affect the new arena, because people will find out about that confidential arrangement!

One of the items approved was a reconsideration of the previously agreed upon $550-million arena deal that was signed in 2019.

Oops! Just how confidential was this arrangement, anyways?

Ward 11 Councillor and mayoral candidate Jeromy Farkas is calling for the information discussed behind closed doors to be made public as the agreement includes $275 million of public money to fund the Saddledome’s replacement.

Farkas said he believes the “secrecy” around the arena deal is undermining support for the project.

This confidential meeting is good for one thing, for sure, and its that Jeromy Farkas gets to put his foot down and introduce his “Secrets, secrets are no fun” platform. But yes, I’m sure we will have something firm to grasp to for Calgary residents pretty soon.

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, the city-owned agency in charge of the arena, said it didn’t have any additional information to share about the project on Thursday.

Give ’em a break, it’s the Land Corporation, not the Information Corporation.

In an interview with Global News, Lander said it isn’t uncommon for large projects with public funding to undergo renegotiations and delays.

See? Nothing to worry about, according to this smart guy. Sure, we don’t know much, and there might be some details that need to be filled in, but I’m sure there is nothing to worry about. Everything seems completely on the up and up.

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