In the Zone…

I’ll be on with Derek Schultz on AM 950 today at 5:05 Indy time.  We talk Caldwell, Collie, Don Brown and a little Blue Blood.  You can listen to it streaming live right here.

Here’s the podcast of the interview

By the way, if you want to pick up signed copies of Blue Blood at the family store, Metro Arborist Supplies (as many of you have been doing), it’s closed Christmas Eve, so tomorrow is your last chance before Christmas.  It’s at 7055 Coffman Road over by 71st and Georgetown.  The book should be available at local bookstores too.

I’ll be posting Charting a Drive tomorrow.  We may or may not have an 18 Plays. I have a piece on Collie’s effect on the offense that I’m prepping (tune into the interview for a sneak peak at the numbers).  I’m leaning against doing Eyes this week, but I might give you a quick one on Friday.

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays!

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