Los Angeles Chargers: Is Melvin Ingram worth the big extension?

Melvin Ingram worth contract

Melvin Ingram: You got paid, now it’s time to play

Melvin Ingram has proven to be a very valuable asset to the then- San Diego Chargers last season. The 2012 first-round draft pick recorded 60 tackles, eight sacks and four forced fumbles in 16 games last season. He is now being rewarded for his play.

With the Bolts now in Los Angeles they believe that Ingram has the potential to be a star defensive player the team needs going forward. Ingram signed a new four-year deal worth $66 million and $42 million guaranteed. This makes him one of the richest defensive players in the NFL.

Ingram has come a long way from being used as an occasional pass rusher and special teams player his rookie year to missing 12 games in his sophomore year from a torn ACL. In the last two seasons, he has stayed fairly healthy playing 32 games and he has been productive on the field recording 18.5 sacks in those games. With this new contract, the Chargers believe Ingram is ascending to elite status.

Since the business of football in handled for both parties, it’s time for Ingram to continue his ascension.

Too many times in sports we see players work towards getting that big deal after their rookie contract. Once they get the big deal, some players have the tendency to get comfortable and not play with the same competitive fervor that got them the contract in the first place. Their production starts to decline and management starts to question was this player worth the all this money?

Ingram, 28, doesn’t seem to go down that path as he is only getting better season to season. With the 2016 Defensive Rookie of the Year Joey Bosa on the opposite side, the very talented front seven could the Chargers have the next great defensive tandem in the NFL? Either way, Ingram seems worth the money.

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