Major NFL rumor indicates Russell Wilson could land with Giants due to his wife Ciara

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has spent the entirety of his NFL career with the team, as Seattle drafted him, and he won a Super Bowl a number of years ago. It’s safe to say life in Seattle has been good to him, as he lives in a fast-paced, tech-driven city, and is revered by Seahawks fans.

But sometimes athletes simply want more.

That my be the case for Wilson, as Colin Cowherd shared a huge rumor on Wednesday’s edition of “The Herd,” stating that his wife, Ciara, prefers to live in New York, and that he could, one day, become a giant. Apparently, Ciara does not feel that Seattle is an “entertainment mecca.”

This could have major implications in one year from now, as it does look like Eli Manning will return for a season, but will surely retire after that. As for Wilson, he has not pursued a contract extension with the Seahawks, and has instead elected to play on a year-by-year basis. He’ll make $25.3 million this season, in the final year of his current deal. So it is possible that he could end up in New York, if the Giants were interested, next spring. Or, he could get hit with the franchise tag, and stick around in Seattle for another year.

It may seem like Cowherd pulled this rumor out of nowhere, but given Wilson’s contract, and the Giants’ quarterback situation, this marriage could actually happen in the future. Unless the team, for some reason, elects to trade up and draft a signal-caller this year, which would be a bit surprising, given all the other roster holes that need to be filled. Improving the roster on defense and boosting the offensive line, then making a play for Wilson next year could actually be a direction the team elects to go in. And as for the possibly of Wilson potentially playing alongside Saquon Barkley — we’d love to see it.

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