Matt Cassel Brings Discernible Talents to the Vikings

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Ever since the Minnesota Vikings signed Matt Cassel (and his wife) to be the back up quarterback for the team, every fan was probably wondering what exactly it was that he was bringing to the team. Was he going to push incumbent Christian Ponder for the starting job? Was he really just supposed to be a low-paid mentor? Would he successfully bring his wife to gala events? No one knew. Really, no one knew what the Vikings were getting.

But, after Purple Jesus Diaries started digging through some old Matt Cassel footage, we found – what might be – the most important video that showcases Cassel’s skill set he brings to the Vikings.

Yes, he’s a marketing genius.

This video is from several years ago now, but it is just as relevant today as it was then. What this coach’s tape shows is Matt Cassel’s high intelligence and diversity. He’s not JUST an X’s and O’s guy, but a well rounded teammate who knows how to market the team, as well.

Not only this, but he’s a HUGE friend with the most important celebrity of our time, Kenny Powers. When Cassel presents marketing ideas to a room full of people, everyone listens because Kenny Powers listens, because Cassel has already convinced Powers of his value to this team. You think he hasn’t already done the same for the Vikings? Because I bet you he has.

And while all reports thus far from Vikings camp indicate that Cassel hasn’t exactly been lighting it up ON the field for the team, don’t let that fool you. He’s likely smart enough to just be sitting back and letting Christian get a confidence boost while the more “savvy veteran” is outplayed by the young Ponder. Ponder will think he’s probably better than he is, and end up PLAYING better than he is, all because of Cassel’s subtle prodding and encouragement. SO SMART.

And hey, if he does ever need to step in, cool, let’s do it. Because he’s apparently got an accurate enough arm to knock a cell phone out of a guys hand from a dozen feet away. That’s amazing. Don’t like it? Come at me, bro. See what happens.

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