Mini Pony of the Day 7-1-08

This is a commercial I had yet to see, just like yesterday. The quality and length of this video is vastly inferior to the real version, I assume.

Also, the “LIARS” at the end is well worth the wait.

If you are above the influence, you won’t read these links. But c’mon, peer pressure is sooo cool.

Congrats to Ryne Nelson, owner of Odenized, who just landed the gig at SLAM Online. [SLAM Online]

Thad Matta is a jerk. Personally, I hate Ohio State. And no, I’m no Michigan fan. [The World of Isaac]

A word to the NFL…No teams in L.A. [East Coast Bias]

Really? Baron Davis thinks he can do better than $18 mil next season? [Can’t Stop The Bleeding]

Buy Nails Dykstra’s house. [Larry Brown Sports]

Are you ready to pretend to care about the Olympics? [The Big Picture]

I told Cotter I’d link to him until his Ballhype ranking rises. Willie Parker doing his best Clinton Portis. [One For The Other Thumb]

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