Model Steelers Trains Rule

I don’t care if this makes me look like a gigantic geek or something, but I love watching model trains.

My dad has this Lionel set from 1955 (these beauties). The story is that my grandmother bought a raffle ticket for my dad right about the time he was born in late November of ’55, and won second place…thus earning him the Lionel set. The first place prize was 100 bucks. I’m guessing dad’s win turned out better over the years.

That train only comes out at Christmas under the tree at my folks’ place. Growing up, it was always cool to see that sick set. But any setup…especially with villages and stuff built up around them, are cool with me. I can’t see how anyone has a reason to hate the things.

Knowing that, I was pumped to see a Steelers model train. Coolest toy ever? Perhaps. Plus, I found the bouncing crossing beam in the back to be disturbingly funny. Seeing that full-sized would be a trip.

So yeah, this is only tangentially related to Pittsburgh sports, but I kinda just wanted to reminisce about that cool old train set. Deal with it.

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