Nikita Kucherov Sounds Off (W/Audio (Russian))

nkucherov2 correspondent Sergey Demidov posted comments that Nikita Kucherov allegedly made in an interview with sports writer and NHL editor for Sovietsky Sport (Russia) Pavel Lysenkov.

Kucherov’s comments were an indictment of the coaches and  his teammates.

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These comments are disturbing but according to beat writer Joe Smith, seem to fall in line with what Anton Stralman said about teammates playing on their own “agendas.”

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Bolt Prospects wondered if Kucherov’s comments were “off the record.”

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It is somewhat refreshing seeing a professional athlete truly speaking his mind.


It will be interesting listening for Kucherov’s teammates comments and reactions.

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We will update you as this story unfolds.

(Photos/Christine Gunn)

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