Notes from Training Camp Thus Far

I haven’t been to training camp because my bills haven’t decided to pay themselves, yet. But I’ve been internet stalking those that are attending training camp so far. Here’s what we know after a couple of days:

We know that orientation with the new system started and the basics of how to defend different situations have been emphasized. For the worst defensive team in basketball last season, that’s a good start.

– We know that Tyreke Evans injured his knee during the first practice. I suggested that everyone panic. Sam Amick disagreed.

– Turns out Sam was right.

Jason Thompson has been destroying in practice so far. Just ask him yourself. This means either the second year pro is ready to take a leap to the next level or the Kings interior isn’t that tough. My guess is it’s a little bit of both.

– Sean May made weight (sub-265 lbs.), which earned him the final $100,000 of his contract this season. I on the other hand decided I didn’t want to walk up the stairs to my bathroom and weigh myself, so I stayed downstairs, watched the latest Sons of Anarchy, and paid my DirecTV bill. So he made 100 Grand by not eating 100 Grand and I gave a big corporation $115 dollars. I can totally relate to his life.

– But then he got dunked on in practice by Jon Brockman.

– Brockman had this to say to me about the dunk on Twitter:

“man a dunks a dunk, two points is two points. The way it works is everyone gets dunked on, what goes around comes around. ha”

– And now we have news that the Maloofs have no intention of applying for relocation by the March deadline. I’d say overall, it’s been a pretty successful first couple of days for training camp.

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