NXT (11/4) Results And Review: Next Challenger For NXT Women’s Title Revealed, McAfee Strikes Again, And More


This edition of NXT took place inside the Capital Wrestling Center in Orlando Florida. This show featured matches such as Ember Moon taking on Dakota Kai, Tommaso Ciampa facing off against Velveteen Dream and Toni Storm against Shotzi Blackheart.

Dakota Kai Defeated Ember Moon

Review: Pretty good match. I was surprised they had Dakota get the win but I guess this is to continue the rivalry with them.

Cameron Grimes was interviewed backstage, being asked about the match with Dexter Luimis at Halloween Havoc. Grimes said he is fine and is over the whole match last week. He claimed he was going to move on and beat Kushida later on. The referee from the Haunted House match last week greeted Cameron but he screamed and ran away.

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Shotzi Blackheart was interviewed about her opponent Toni Storm. She lists Toni’s accolades and says she has picked Toni because it is a huge test for her.

Kushida Defeated Cameron Grimes

Review: Solid match. They were playing into Cameron’s fear of the referee from the match with Lumis last week and it gives Kushida a win to build himself further which is still good.

A video promo on Toni Storm was shown as she said she is honored to be in the ring with Shotzi Blackheart but she will be used a stepping stone to get to the world title.

A video promo of Io Shirai was shown saying she wants to defend the title against Rhea Ripley.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain vs. Ever Rise Ended In A No Contest

Pat McAfee, Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne showed up and attacked Dain and Maverick. McAfee held the camera during the beat down.

Review: It’s a shame they had to interrupt a Maverick and Dain match to put over McAfee’s group but it is what it is. The match itself was going pretty good until McAfee took over.

As they came back from commercial break, McAfee, Burch, Dunne and Lorcan were in the ring. McAfee said the future is much better and they retire the Undisputed Era flag in the arena. McAfee had the group vote rather to hang it or throw it in the trash can and they agree to throw it in there. McAfee threw the flag in the trash can and lit it on fire. McAfee insulted the fans and claim they are the greatest. They went back to their car in the parking lot until Killian Dain attacked McAfee. The group attacked Dain. Dunne kicked the car door onto Dain’s head, knocking him out. They get in the car and drove away as McAfee claimed they are the greatest. Dain was left bleeding in the parking lot.

Johnny Gargano showed up in a video promo in his house saying that he loves wheels. He gets a call from someone dressed as the Scream killer saying “I’m in your house.” Johnny turned and the Scream killer was sitting next to him. He claims that he has killed the curse of losing the title in one defense and he will prove it next week. He wins the board game

Toni Storm Defeated Shotzi Blackheart

After the match, Candice LeRae was shown on the screen with her tank. She got into a truck and said this is what happens when you put your nose in other people’s business. Candice runs over Shotzi’s tank with it. Candice tells Shotzi that they are even. Shotzi freaks out in the ring. Toni tried to console her.

Review: This match was really good although it started it off rough. Shotzi did some crazy spots in the match including that DDT on the apron that were pretty terrifying. This new rivalry with Candice and Shotzi seems like it could be a good personal rivalry for Shotzi. I don’t like though they relied on the distraction roll up for Toni to get the win. I think it should’ve been a clean win for her and then have Candice show up on screen.

Legado Del Fantasma were entering the building from footage shot earlier until Jake Atlas showed up in his car. Santos tells his crew to attack him but Atlas attacks them with a pipe and drives off.

Timothy Thatcher performed reversals for his Thatcher’s Thatch Can class. He has Akeem as his demonstrator. Thatcher puts him in a front face lock to make him tap. He has Akeem put him in the lock and brings him to the mat. Thatcher puts his forearm on Akeem and gets him in a wrist lock to tap out. He puts the hold on him longer. Thatcher puts him in the front face lock, brings him down and Thatcher puts him in a vicious ankle lock. Akeem taps out. August Gray attacked Thatcher from behind and sent him over the barricade.

Xia Li was interviewed about the letters she has been receiving. She said it was for her family and it is personal. Regal interrupted to give her a letter. She opened it and tells Regal she wants to challenge Raquel Gonzalez next week. Regal said he’ll take care of that.

Rhea Ripley responded to Io Shirai’s challenge in a video promo saying it is exactly what she has wanted. She said Io is terrified of losing the title and she will become champion again.

Tommaso Ciampa Defeated Velveteen Dream

Review: Intense match. I don’t know where they go with either guy and what this match really does for either of them. I hope they get a good story going with Ciampa with the promo he cut last week about entitlement.

Overall Review: This was more of your average NXT show. It had a good amount of segments to add to the matches with the McAfee segment probably being the best one.

Grade: 6/10

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