Out of the Batter’s Box – Everyone has opinion on Hamels market


Everybody has opinions on what to do with Hamels

1. San Diego Padres signed Shields

The biggest move around baseball broke in the very early hours yesterday. The San Diego Padres added free agent pitcher James Shields to the starting rotation in the latest of an active offseason roster overhaul in San Diego. I was not able to get it in yesterday’s morning round-up but did follow up with some of my own thoughts about what it means for Cole Hamels and the Phillies. I was not alone in having a take on this subject.

2. Kaplan has San Diego out

Jake Kaplan, the new beat reporter covering the Phillies for The Philadelphia Inquirer, says San Diego is likely out of the mix for Hamels even if a move is not made until the summer  trade deadline. As I said yesterday, I would not rule San Diego out if Hamels is on the market around then and the Padres are looking to make another move to solidify their position in any potential postseason hunt.

3. Seidman is ruling San Diego out too

Corey Seidman of CSN Philly also is going on record suggesting the math suggests there is likely no way San Diego would make a move to acquire Hamels either. He has a valid point. San Diego’s payroll is now higher than it has ever been and they need it to work out in the win column. Adding Hamels may be tough for San Diego in the budget, but I will stand by the idea that a team in win-now mode may find a way to make adding another key player for the postseason hunt.

4. Do fans even want Hamels traded?

There is something to be said for wanting to watch Cole Hamels for as long as we can in Phillies pinstripes, but is the urge to see the next chapter of Phillies baseball and potential glory enough of a trade-off to parting ways with Hamels for fans? Phillies Nation discusses.

5. Lee not likely to be moved in spring either

While Hamels may not be going anywhere in the spring, if healthy it might be possible Cliff Lee could be moved. I do not think it is likely. Neither does Corey Seidman, again via CSN Philly.

6. Top ten outfields in baseball ranked

The Outside Corner‘s latest position rankings in baseball focused on the top ten outfields. Not to spoil you or anything, but the Phillies are not among the top ten outfields.

7. Rollins finally visited the Philadelphia Art Museum

Jimmy Rollins was the face of the Phillies for 14 years, so you would think he spent at least one day checking out the steps that Rocky ran at some point. Nope. Never fear, Rollins made sure to check out the scene from the top of the steps before getting ready to head out to Arizona for spring training.

After 14 years I finally visited the Philadelphia Art Museum…….nice view

A photo posted by Jimmy Rollins (@jrollins11) on Feb 9, 2015 at 11:57am PST

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js8. The MLB Fan Cave shuts down 

Aside from the James Shields signing in San Diego, there may have been no bigger story around baseball yesterday than the MLB Fan Cave shutting down. The Fan Cave will live on in spirit, but there will no longer be random fans chosen by MLB to watch every single baseball game of the season.

9. R.B.I. Baseball is back in 2015

I will forever be a fan of the original R.B.I. Baseball game on the NES. I owned the original version from Tengen, which was the black, unlicensed cartridge before getting the Official Nintendo Seal of Approval from The Big N. MLB tapped into that love for the simplicity of R.B.I. Baseball by bringing the game back with a fresh look last season, and now there is a new version on the way.


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