PJD Early Draft Pick Selection: Da’Quan Bowers

PJD was approached by some friendly chaps within the Bloguin network to participate in a mock draft they were throwing. Can you believe they asked US to pick for the Vikings??! I was kind of excited to pick for the Lions (AMUKAMARA!!!) but oh well. Here is an excerpt from our brief write-up where we discuss our pick for the Minnesota Vikings at #12 in the 2011 draft. Follow the link here to read the whole thing and see other picks that lead to this:

“With the best rookie QBs gone (the area of most focus for Viking fans) and the best DTs off the board too, there’s only really one pick that stands out here that makes sense for Leslie Frazier; Clemson DE Da’Quan Bowers. The guy is a freak athletically and can help get the Vikings defense back to where Frazier use to have it; punishing. Ray Edwards is likely out, as is Pat Williams, and the DE depth behind the returners is questionable. When you have a talent like Bowers available still, you probably have to take him.”

Here’s the thing about mock drafts (*insert Seinfeld theme sng*):

1. You think you have your shit all figured out, and then someone fucks you
I was thinking this would be a cakewalk to pick for the team. We’ll just give them Camputer, Gabbert, or Prince or Peterson, or maybe even one of those DTs everyone is so high about. Well, fucking surprise, every other NFL fan likes those players for their own team. The reality is the player you covet for your team is coveted by other teams. What a novel idea. I imagine this is how the real NFL draft goes too, and god, that would just piss me off.

2. These things are always wrong
We’ve talked about doing a mock draft contest for PJD on here before (just in the last post, actually!). Partly, I’d like to do it because I think it’d be funny as well. Also, we could throw in a bonus where if you picked more correct picks than Shawn Zobel you can get like a hat or something, and we’ll e-mail him being like “Sorry bro-meo, but you didn’t pick the best draft ever. Noodles!” Also it’d be funny because in retrospect they all look so stupid. Troy Williamson at number 7? Nice pick, butter nuts.

3. You can’t please everyone
Even I didn’t like the Bowers pick when I wrote it. Wait, he has knee problems? BOOOO! DON’T WANT! But what do I know? The silly part is that this is a mock draft from a bunch of idiots who read other idiots and then form their own opinion. I made that selection in about two-third of a heart beat. I didn’t even take my full 15 minutes like a real NFL team would! Oops. Conclusion: This pick is stupid, wrong, I’m dumb, an idiot, and you shouldn’t take any football advice from this blog ever. But you already know that.

4. Outside of the top 10 and 30 or so taken rounds three through four, I know no one
Kind of. I mean, everyone talks about those top guys, and even the gurus get down to the nitty gritty kind of in the first three rounds, but after that it’s a crap shoot. We probably all have a college team we’ve looked at and know players on there who should TOTALLY become NFL guys (ROY HELU, RB FROM NEBRASKA IN THE 4TH ROUND!) but some rando from Tennessee State? Whatever. That’s why fans are dumb about the NFL draft.

Anyway, read up on our selection and tell us whether you HATE or LIKE. I’m not sure yet if this is the official pick from PJD (I’ll probably do like a big board of draft preferences instead), so we’ll probably have something totally different later. But let’s say this sticks. What are your intelligent thoughts on this?

*Puffs on smoking pipe, folds New York Times under arm*

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