Report: Cavaliers will attempt to clear cap space for a superstar

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As of now, the Cavaliers have their backs against the wall when it comes to LeBron James. When it comes to keeping LeBron in Cleveland, it’s all about the supporting cast around him and how far he can possibly bring them.

With tensions being reported between Chris Paul and Houston’s front office, now could be the time to try and trade bad contracts if you’re Dan Gilbert. According to ESPN, that is exactly what Cleveland is trying to do.

The Cleveland Cavaliers would like to get involved in the free agencies of Paul George or Chris Paul in concert with re-signing LeBron James. But they will be barred from receiving players in sign-and-trade deals, which means they would need to clear cap space.

The Cavaliers have been working on several trade and cap clearing moves to be aggressive in free agency, but have been stymied in attempts to meet or discuss scenarios with James.

Trading the contracts of JR Smith, Tristan Thompson, and Kevin Love is tough alone, nevermind after the recent four game sweep in the 2018 NBA Finals. The Cavaliers would likely have to part ways with a lot of first round picks.

Unloading picks is especially risky because George seems to be leaning towards Oklahoma City, and Chris Paul has remained hungry after falling one game short of the 2018 NBA Finals. So, they could lose many picks unloading contracts with no star in return.

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