Spurs vs. Bucks: Second Half Notes

These are merely a few notes on the second half, not so much an analysis, since I’m too tired, sleepy and lazy to do a full analysis.
Class is in session:
Besides his regular NBA paycheck, Manu Ginobili might find a check in the mail from the Milwaukee School District paying him a teachers salary for a day for the way he schooled half of the Bucks lineup in the second half, allthough most of it was done in the 3rd quarter. Boy is he looking good, and isnt the Spurs backcourt of Parker and Ginobili fun to watch. Ginobili put his stamp on the third quarter with a sweet Alley-oop, a few dagger’s from three-point land and basically doing what he does. He even picked up some assists while dishing to his backup Michael Finley for some corner treys that kept the Spurs ahead of the Bucks late in the fourth quarter.
Guess who’s Back:
That would be Tim Ducan of course, who put up an impressive showing after quite a few lackluster outings in the last week or so. Duncan showed some aggressiveness against Andrew Bogut or whomever he drew on offense. Not only that, Duncan showed some improvement at the charity stripe knocking down nine of his 12 free throws.
Ok, I couldn’t come up with a clever title. Michael Finley is finally starting to look comfortable in his backup role. In 27 minutes of play, Fin scored 21 points on 6 of 12 from the field, 4 of 8 from downtown, and he was perfect sinking all five of his free throws, most of which were key late in the game. If this is a sign of things to come or if Ginobili and Finley can contribute any way close to the way they did tonight, watch out!
I hope you liked our first gameday blog posts. Make sure to check back here every game day as we will be blogging here for every gameday/night form now on. Mike Paceleo should be doing so with us as well. Make sure to go check out Episode 31 of the Spurscast, available in iTunes and on http://www.projectspurs.com/podcast. Episode 32 will be up tomorrow morning and we record Episode 33 tomorrow night.

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