Stupid people are fun when they are angry

Yesterday I wrote a post pleading with the world to ignore Penn State. Without rehashing the post, which you can read here, I wanted to address the very first comment I received on the post. I also wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that if you leave a comment on my site, I will try to engage it, either by clarifying what I had to say, or by eviscerating you for being stupid.

This will be an example of the latter. Let’s see what commenter Joseph had to say!

You must be an idiot.

Hey! Joseph, good to hear from you buddy


Pro-tip: When calling someone an idiot, don’t misspell the very next word

Baashing PS all the time

I fricking hate Post Scripts. Just say it in the letter, man.

when you don’t know the facts of what happened only here say

Here say?

from some stupid FORMER FBI persons opinion that was not even related to facts

Joseph has called me and Louis Freeh stupid. Lofty comparison for me, I will say. But the FBI has a long history of cobbling together kangaroo courts based on hearsay (that’s the word, Joseph) so he’s totally on to something! And I mean, the Freeh used many of the same facts that the grand jury indictment did when it reached its conclusions, so not only is this FORMER FBI person not using facts for his opinions, but neither is the state of Pennsylvania in its indictments. Pretty heady accusations, Joseph. (And also, holy crap, what am I using? “here say” from Freeh’s “opinion”. I don’t think I can even wrap my brain around something so vaporous.)

Of course, I would like to know what facts Joseph thinks the Freeh Report should have looked at? The weight of bismuth? The capital of Chad? The state of my intelligence? Come on, Louis Freeh. The facts. Look at the facts!

Anyways, the important take away is that myself and Louis Freeh are wrong. Only random internet commentor Joseph knows what’s up.

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