Sunday Night Central Links – Aug. 22

August 10, 2010:Neil Walker second baseman for the Pirates in action during the game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Diego Padres at PETCO park in San Diego, California.

Rum Bunter: Leak Forces Pirates to Open Books
The Pirates released their recent financial numbers, and as expected with such a low player payroll, the team has been extremely profitable.  Over the past three years, they’ve made a total of $34,825,368.  Hopefully they start spending some of that cash as their young stars accrue more service time, otherwise the Yankees’ constant complaints about small market clubs just pocketing revenue sharing dollars will appear to be more valid than ever.

WHYGAVS: Game 122: Mets 7 Pirates 2
Speaking of the Pirates, they clinched their 18th straight losing season this week.  Pat Lackey has his thoughts at WHYGAVS.

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The Outfield Ivy: An Open Letter to Derrek Lee
Josh Cannon says goodbye to a guy who’s arguably been the face of the Cubs for much of the 2000’s.

Another Cubs Blog: The Prospects
If you want to know whether or not the guys the Cubs got in return for Lee are any good, ACB has you covered.

Astros County: Source close to Express confirms what we all expect
The Nolan Ryan-owned Round Rock Express have been an Astros affiliate for 11 years, but with Ryan taking over the Texas Rangers, the Express will replace the Oklahoma City RedHawks as the Rangers’ Triple A affiliate.  It’s a move that could end up having an effect on the Brewers — with the OKC affiliate opening up, the Brewers may be interested in dropping Nashville as their affiliate.

Pitchers Hit Eighth: Pedro Feliz Versus Cardinals’ Remaining Opponents
PH8 says what we all thought when we saw the Cards’ latest acquisition — they must really want to get Felipe Lopez off third base.  It’s a small sample in most cases, but it doesn’t look like Feliz hits many of the remaining St. Louis opponents very well (although he is .375/.400/.583 in 8 games against the Brewers).

Fungoes: Did Cardinals overrate defense in trading for Feliz?
While Feliz is an upgrade over Lopez at the hot corner, his complete lack of offense negates his defensive value.  Best line from Fungoes?  “The 35-year-old … ostensibly closes the hole at third base for the Cardinals, where Felipe Lopez  has been leaking like the Deepwater Horizon oil well. But like the attempts to cap the well, the Cardinals’ acquisition will only serve to create pressure elsewhere, namely on offense, where, given Feliz’s lifetime .289 OBP, they’ll continue to leak outs.”

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