The Well(s) in the Hudson River

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First things first. You all remember the bet with the Cubs blogger, which is why his logo is in every post through Saturday? Yeah, well during this bet, I had to come up with a logo in case the Red Sox won, and I didn’t want to bring back the old logo so I had a new one made. It is so awesome that I’ve incorporated it into this site. If you scroll all the way down, it has a new home at the very bottom of Fire Brand. Sweet.
Anyways, I put the over-under at home-runs hit by the Red Sox off Milton at a tidy five. He leads the NL in HRs, and we’re home, so it makes sense. Right? Well, not only did we NOT hit a HR off Milton (although we did smack him around) we achieved the under … at one. Even the one should have been caught, so Manny got lucky. Considering his joy when he saw it ruled a home-run, I have to say he’s feeling a little better, which could translate into better statistics. He’s been better the last couple games. Not where he should be, but better.
Jay Payton! 2-5 with a HR two nights ago to raise his BA to .240. 2-3 with a walk last night to get to .252/.310/.408 and in the month of June is hitting .313/.389/.563. Hey, Andrew, he’s sure making a case for the Phillies, isn’t he?
There was a fascinating post by someone at SOSH. I gotta reprint it here, thanks, Zupcic Fan! The topic was Youkilis and his tremendous night the other night which has led to some agitating for him to play more.

1. If Youklis had to play every day, we would all understand much better why they have not decided to play him every day, and
2. If Mantei, who goes 2-0 on every hitter were used more frequently in big spots, we would have a much better understanding of why Francona chooses not to use him more.
These are just things I play around with and I will be totally unable to support them, but as much as I like Youklis, it seemed to me that he lost it pretty quickly when he was forced to be in there more often in the past—again I’m sure that someone can show me with stats how I’m wrong—but just a feeling. and the fact that he hit the ball hard 5 times last night would not cause me to dump Bill Mueller.
Shea Hillenbrand and Dauber had quite a few games where they hit the ball hard 5 times, and both of them, especially Shea, drove me nuts over the long haul

Food for thought. After a bit of running around and frantic refreshing of my mail, I have traded in Father’s Day tickets for the game tonight, so I’ll be in attendance as David Wells makes mincemeat of Luke Hudson. We’ll throw Luke in the Hudson River! Or maybe just down a Well(s). OK, I’m done being corny.
Oh, and I found someting tremendous by Andrew. I might just have to get it to celebrate half of my heritage. A Hebrew Red Sox hat!
The Well(s) in the Hudson River

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