Top 5 Outdoor Activities To Do On Your RV Trip

If you’re currently planning your next RV trip, something you should know is that traveling and camping in the RV itself is only part of the fun.

Once you arrive at your campground or RV park, the rest of your trip should be composed of you and your family enjoying fun outdoor sports and activities. After all, do you really just want to sit around in the RV all day?

If the answer is no, here are the top five outdoor activities that you can do on your next RV trip:

1 – Hiking

Stay at a campground with lots of great hiking trails nearby, because those trails will be a great opportunity to go out and explore nature. Hiking is great exercise and it can also be a memorable experience, especially if you’re someone who lives in a dense city and doesn’t get the opportunity to go outside very often.

2 – Mountain Biking

Even more fun than hiking can be mountain biking; you get to travel faster and farther, after all. It’s a physically strenuous activity and therefore great exercise, and as with hiking it can be a memorable experience with the opportunity to see some truly beautiful locations. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera with you for this one. Some RV’s are designed specifically for attaching bikes to the rear of them.

3 – Kayaking

If you choose to camp somewhere near a lake or a river, then kayaking or canoeing will definitely be something you should consider to explore the area around you. If the campground you’re staying at does not offer kayaks for rent, then you will either need to purchase or rent your own beforehand, and be sure you know how to properly attach them to your RV for transport. In addition, if you’re not an experienced kayaker already, hiring a guide to lead you will be smart.

4 – Fishing

Fishing is a peaceful and relaxing activity that you can do in the early morning or late evening, before or after a day with more intense activities such as biking or kayaking. You can also be rewarded with actual fish that you can fry up in your RV kitchen, though you shouldn’t count on the fact that you will catch anything and bring plenty of food with you just in case.

5 – Sports

Finally, many RV campgrounds will come with sports opportunities of their own such as a basketball or volleyball court or a soccer field. If so, why pass the opportunity to use them? Playing basketball or volleyball will also be a good opportunity to engage with other people on the campground and possibly make some new friends even.

Activities For Your RV Trip

Games, sports, and activities are all something that you must plan out as part of your RV trip preparation. Remember that traveling in the RV is only half the fun, and the rest is the outdoor activities that your family will enjoy.