Warren Moon advocates for Cam Newton to sign with Jaguars

Cam Newton was his team’s franchise quarterback since the moment he entered the league in 2011, having been drafted by the Panthers with the first overall pick.

But things are quite different right now, as Newton is a free agent, having been cut by the Panthers, who elected to sign Teddy Bridgewater to replace him. There’s a good chance they’ll draft a quarterback in a few weeks as well.

As for Newton, he remains unsigned, with the quarterback market having thinned. It’s possible that his hefty salary has scared teams off, especially given his injury history, coming off major foot surgery, when he’s also had his shoulder operated on twice in the past.

It’s unclear which NFL team will take a flyer on him, but Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon believes the Jaguars are a good fit.

“They have Gardner Minshew there as their starter, who is not really a solidified starter in this league yet,” Moon told TMZ Sports. “So, I still think there’s an opportunity for maybe Cam to go to a Jacksonville and be a starter there.”

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He is correct in saying that Minshew is unproven, but the Jaguars overpaid for a veteran quarterback in Nick Foles last season, and it blew up in their face. In fact, Foles is still on their roster, and the team would likely have to cut him and eat tons of dead cap money if they were to sign Newton.