Weekend Links – Urban Meyer Resigns, Stan Van Gundy Hates His Job (Sorta), & Ernie Harwell’s Christmas Card

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas (or Happy Hannukah, if that’s your thing). Check out a few big stories and some nice pieces from around the interwebs during the post-Christmas lull while you play with your new Twilight board game. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the last one.

  • Big news out of Gainesville: Florida coach Urban Meyer is retiring. Knowing that Tim Tebow was the sole reason for his success, Meyer has decided to quit while he’s ahead. In all seriousness, Meyer is retiring due to health concerns. We can only hope he didn’t put off his condition too long and can make a speedy recovery.
  • Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy wasn’t happy about working yesterday, saying that he would mandate a 5-day break during Christmas if he were NBA commissioner. Unfortunately Stan, you work for one of the biggest entertainment conglomerates in the world. Maybe you feel sorry for anyone that watches the NBA on Christmas Day, but you probably don’t have a crazy Uncle Louis who loves to play “Pull My Finger.”
Uncle Louis
Yeah, I’d rather watch Dwight Howard too.
  • UPDATE: Forgot the link. Sorry for any inconvenience. -Rob- For anyone who didn’t read yesterday’s Free Press, Detroit-legend4lyfe Ernie Harwell took out a front-page ad to thank the 10,000+ individuals who have sent him cards and well wishes during his final days. Look up the word “class” in the dictionary, and you’ll see Harwell’s picture there.
  • Lions defensive end Cliff Avril isn’t happy about how his 2009 season has gone, and he places the blame on himself via his blog. It’s nice to see him showing some accountability for his poor performance, but hopefully he makes sure it’s more than just words on the internet by putting in the work this off-season to ensure it doesn’t happen again. [via Detroit Lions Weblog]
Albert Haynesworth
Albert’s new off-season training regimen
  • Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is claiming that Seattle Seahawks DE Darryl Tap bit him. I don’t know why you’d make up something like that, but if he had a chance to bite Rodgers while wearing a helmet, Rodgers had his hand some place it shouldn’t have been. Hopefully Tap bites him harder this week, I’m going against Rodgers for my fantasy league championship.
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