Welcome Mr. Horn

Welcome Mr. HornWestern Kentucky coach Darrin Horn has agreed to replace Dave Odom as the Gamecocks’ new head coach, according to sources.

Just look at that smile on his face…he is rumored to get about 750k once he signs the new contract and USC will pay the ‘buy out’ he has at WKU. I would be smiling too; not to mention this is a “step up” in his career to enter into the SEC coaching ranks.

Seems the rumor was true and I wonder what will happen to http://www.darrinhorn.com/?
Will USC buy the site for use to promote USC basketball? I hope so b/c that “game is on” stuff is not so great.

Anyway read more here or here.

What do you think of the hire? Is this best for USC and the program?

A press conference is expected Tuesday to introduce Horn.

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