What Do You Want To See? Michigan State

This is a week that I have had circled on my calendar for a while.

Michigan State (and Ohio State playcalling) kept the Buckeyes out of the B1G title game and the College Football Playoff last year.

Time for revenge. The Buckeyes are downplaying the revenge factor but y’all know as well as I do that OSU would like to thump Sparty and continue to impress the CFP folks.

I would love to see that.

What else do we want to see?


A nice, convincing win: Let’s get it over with quickly but let’s not demoralize the Spartans too bad. Need them to beat Penn State the following week.

No false starts: It’s baaaaaaack.

Shutout: Why the heck not.

No injuries: Never want them. But we can’t have them the week before TTUN visits.


Send a message: Do not waste time trying to figure things out, it cost the team a game and almost cost them a chance at the CFP. Come out to dominate and take care of business early. Do not let Sparty hang around and send the message to the rest of the college football world the Buckeyes are here.

Silver Bullets win championships: The defense was the real reason the Buckeyes went on the run they did in 2014 and nobody in America is playing as well right now. Smother them, hurt them and leave no doubt who the best defense in the land is.

Chris D.

Beat them bad: I always want complete and utter destruction of any team that the Buckeyes play. That is even more so against Michigan State. I still have PTSD (Post Traumatic Spartan Distaste) from the 1998 game. I don’t fully expect that level of a win this week though. I would be happy with a grinding, yet dominant, win. I doubt that the Spartans will be able to do much offensively against Ohio State. The Michigan State defense is still solid but not anywhere near what they were last season. Hopefully the Buckeyes come out 100 percent healthy and with at least a 28-point win.


Leave no doubt: Urban Meyer and his staff are dodging the idea that this is a revenge game better than Neo dodging bullets in the Matrix. From the outside looking in, it sure feels like the chance for retribution is nearby. Meyer not publically acknowledging that the taste of defeat is indeed still bitter in their mouths could be a sign that this team is still full of young albeit talented players that need to be laser focused on their assignments and not distracted by gimmicks. I’d like see Curtis Samuel avenge Ezekiel Elliot and the single dark day on his resume. I’d also like to see the third game in a row with an Urban a Meyer offense scoring more than 60 points (which would be a first), leaving no doubt that the Buckeyes are steadfast on their way to overcoming TTUN and locked into the College Football Playoff.

Attack: The evolution of the Silver Bullets after a Greg Schiano takeover and a complete changing of the guard in the secondary has been exciting to watch as a fan. Consistency and discipline will be key for the Buckeye defense to pick apart a Spartan offense that will be playing rather conservatively. I’d like to see Malik Hooker and Marshon Lattimore both inducted into zone 6 (ceremoniously) after both coming up with a pick, bonus points in my book if it’s of the six variety.


Pound Sparty into the ground: Avenge the loss from last year. Make them regret upsetting us last year. I want to see each Ohio State player who scores a touchdown, after hugging a big guy, do a windmill with their arm to remind the kicker, and the rest of the team. I want that kicker, and every other Sparty player to have nightmares of the entire Buckeyes squad running around doing windmills after each touchdown. I want a pick-6, preferably Hooker, but I’m not too picky. It could be Bob Landers for all I care. Keep the foot on their throats and do not, under any circumstances, remove said foot.

Jeremy’s Beard

Overcoming the storm: If you don’t already know, the weather is going to be a factor in this game. Rain and 15-25 mph winds. Here’s a chance for Ed Warriner and Tim Beck to show they’ve learned from their ultra conservative butt-puckered play calling last year. We have the weapons to gash, smash and trash Sparty’s defense but do our OCs have the faith in inclement weather to let the players play? That will be the question to me

Operation, utter destruction: The Buckeyes have yet another chance to remind those maize and blue players what awaits them in Columbus. I expect to see a defense that is ready to leave no doubt who will win this game. I expect our defense to set the tone for the game. I want to see Lattimore and Gareon Conley completely remove R.J.Shelton and Donnie Corley from the game plan. I want to see Tyquan Lewis and the D-line come out hitting Tyler O’Connor hard and often and abusing their OL for 60 minutes.


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