Who To Replace Trot Nixon?

Quick check in… Trot Nixon was placed on the 15-day DL and could miss more than 15 days. This could clear the way for Gabe Kapler to be promoted, but does anyone feel comfortable with Millar/Olerud at 1B and Stern/Kapler in RF?
Two options that might be enticing:
ONE) Acquire Jose Cruz, Jr to play right field. Cruz was hurt most of the season, played through it, and was starting to get healthy. He has a good career track record of offense, and has good D with an arm. Plus, he retained his plate patience despite his struggles.
TWO) Move Millar to right field and call up Roberto Petagine to split time with Olerud at first.
To be honest, I really like both propositions. Time to see which one Theo likes more…

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