‘Who’s Who In Baseball’ Turns 100 Years Old


‘Who’s Who In Baseball’ – the venerated, red-covered annual – is on store shelves now. And it’s celebrating 100 years of publication.

The content (and cover) haven’t changed much over time.


Ed Sherman (of The Sherman Report) wrote a piece celebrating the publication. Right in the middle is an Albert Pujols anecdote that should make us all sad:

“Who’s Who” allows the reader to follow the arc of a player’s career. It is awe inspiring to see how the mosaic of numbers illustrates greatness for the elite players. Albert Pujols always has been one of my favorites, and I love looking at the St. Louis portion of his career. Year-after-year of 120-plus runs scored, homer totals that peaked at 49 in 2006 and the league-leading .359 average in 2003. Unfortunately, he has declined with the Angels, putting a smudge on his overall record in “Who’s Who,” but I still go wow whenever I turn to his page.

RIP Bert’s career, eh?

The whole article is worth the read.

Photo: Bob’s Baseball Museum

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