Will Jake Paul Join WWE After First Loss vs Tommy Fury?

Jake Paul To Earn Top-15 WBC Ranking With Win vs Tommy Fury

The Jake Paul and Tommy Fury saga is over for the time being after Paul lost a split decision to his foe. It was a closely contested match that went back and forth throughout the majority of it but it was Fury who was landing the more meaningful shots throughout.

This was the first-ever loss in Paul’s boxing career, so it is interesting to see where he go from here. In the contract with Fury, Paul has an immediate rematch clause but if he wants to exercise it immediately is something we will have to see since there is multiple avenues for him to take.

Could Jake Paul Join WWE?

One avenue Paul could take is joining his brother Logan Paul as a WWE wrestler. Logan has shown to be one of the rising stars in the industry with his personality on the mic and in-the-ring capabilities.

His brother Jake could follow suit and the two could really blow up together and make the most money that they could possibly think of. The opportunities are endless as they could potentially be a tag team together and even become the tag team champions together.

Jake is an entertainer first and foremost as he got his start in stardom with a TV show called Bizaardvark on MTV. His brother Logan then followed suit and got his claim to fame on the same show. They both were made for the spotlight at a very young age and once they were cut from the show that is when they built their empire together on YouTube.

Jake is someone that can run with anything and would probably make a killing and be one of the biggest stars if he were to sign on with the WWE just like his brother. It is a career choice that could serve him very well.

Nonetheless, this move may be one of the more surprising moves considering he still has that rematch with Fury on the table as well as an MMA fight on the horizon with the PFL PPV Super Fight Division. Jake has so many avenues to choose from but don’t rule out a potential signing with the WWE.

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