WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (4/17): New Champions Crowned, Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches, And More

Friday Night SmackDown
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This was another edition of Friday Night SmackDown from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando Florida. In the show, The Miz defended the SmackDown Tag Team Championship against Big E and Jey Uso as well as Money In the Bank qualifying matches.

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The show opened with A Moment Of Bliss with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. They introduce the WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman. She brings up Bray Wyatt’s confrontation with Braun last week. Braun says Bray Wyatt is a part of the past he is trying to forget. Braun warns Bray that he will get these hands. A present shows up in the ring. Braun grabs it, thinking it was from Alexa. He opens it and it’s the black sheep mask. Bray’s laugh is heard.

Michael Cole announces that it will Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman for the Universal Championship at Money In The Bank.

Tamina Defeated Sasha Banks

Jey Uso hypes up the triple threat match, claiming he will reclaim the tag titles.

Lacey Evans is interviewed backstage by Charly Caruso, saying that Sasha has a Women’s Right coming her way.

Sheamus Defeated Denzel Dejournette

Sheamus yells at Michael Cole for talking about Jeff Hardy right in front of him. He says he will allow Cole to disrespect him.

A highlight package for Jeff Hardy is shown, talking about his redemption.

Dana Brooke is getting prepared for her match with Naomi. Carmella accuses Dana of being focused more on her Money In The Bank qualifying match rather than their tag title match. Dana told her not to worry, she’s got it.

Dana Brooke Defeated Naomi In The Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

Sonya Deville is hysterical crying as she calls out Mandy to explain herself. Mandy comes out to the ring. Sonya says she loved spending more time with her than her own family. She cries to her but then says Mandy is the most selfish human being. She said Mandy was ready to ditch Sonya ever since she got interested in Otis. She insults Mandy saying that she has no talent compared to her and that she was held back. The two were about to fight until Dolph comes out. Dolph apologizes to Mandy for all that happened and will do anything to make it up to her. Rose tells Dolph not to touch her but then Deville blind sides her. Deville attacks her as Dolph is trying to stop her. Otis comes out, clearing Deville and Dolph out of the ring. Dolph tries to attack Otis from behind but Otis takes him down and hits him with the Caterpillar.

The Miz claims that him and John Morrison are the greatest tag team of the 21st century. He says he will retain the tag titles because he is The Miz and he is awesome.

Daniel Bryan Defeated Cesaro In A Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

Big E says he will win the tag team championship for the New Day.

Elias was about to go play out in the ring until Corbin attacks him backstage. Corbin throws him all around backstage on crates. He hits him with the scepter over and over on his arm. Corbin tells Elias that he is a king, not a joke before hitting Elias with the guitar.

Big E Defeated The Miz And Jey Uso To Become The New SmackDown Tag Team Champions

They show reactions from Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods on Big E winning the championships for The New Day, showing them all excited. The show goes off the air with Big E celebrating around ringside, holding on to the title belts.








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