WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Results (12/16): U.S. Title Challenge Accepted, Seth Rollins Secures His Dominance, More


Monday Night Raw kicked off in Des Moines, Iowa with Seth Rollins to a chorus of boos. He introduced AOP to the ring. He said when he showed up on NXT, Raw, and beat Brock Lesnar, people called him “the future”. After that, he claimed that everyone questioned his leadership. He said that being a good leader isn’t about being cool, it’s about making the best decision.

He said Kevin Owens resisted and then was made an example. Rollins said that he was a leader, visionary, and that he is the one to lead the brand into the next decade. He will drag everyone into 2020 “kicking and screaming” and will “impose his will”. If anyone resists, AOP will enforce his will. Seth Rollins claims there is something they, he and AOP, have a score to settle tonight and nobody is going to like it. He “apologizes” and walked away.


The OC defeated The Viking Raiders in a non title match

In a great back and forth match, The OC were able to pin the tag team champions via The Magic Killer.

The OC are shown celebrating backstage. AJ Styles says he will take care of Randy Orton all on his own tonight.

Erick Rowan defeated  Dante Leon in a squash match

Leon escapes underneath the ring and tries to peak inside the cage. Rowan grabs him and takes him out for a quick win.

Charly Caruso asks how Andrade will fare against Humberto Carrillo in the Gauntlet Match later. Zelina Vega says that they now take Carrillo seriously and that him winning twice against Andrade will be the worst thing that ever happened to him.

A video package of the new Liv Morgan aired. She says, “I have to destroy myself so the the real me can come through”.

Lana and Bobby Lashley celebrate the win from TLC. Lana says that Rusev Day is dead. Lana pulls out a ring and asks Lashley to propose. He gets down on one knee and she says yes.

R-Truth comes out to start the Gauntlet Match. He says he was inspired by his “childhood” hero John Cena defending his United States Championship every Saturday morning. He says he will be the first to have both the 24/7 championship and U.S. championship. He says he will take them all the way to the WrestleMania and points to a non existent WrestleMania sign.

Akira Tozawa defeated R Truth in the first match of the gauntlet

After the match, a mob of Superstars chase R-Truth out of the arena.

Ricochet defeated Akira Tozawa in the 2nd of the Gauntlet Match

In a fast paced match, Ricochet advances over Tozawa with the Recoil.

Ricochet defeated Matt Hardy in the 3rd of the gauntlet

When Hardy went for the Twist of Fate, Ricochet rolled up Hardy for the 3 count and continues on to face Humberto Carrillo.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Ricochet in the 3rd of the gauntlet

Carrillo wins against Ricochet with the Moonsault in an extremely physical 3rd round of the gauntlet.

Andrade’s music hit, but he appeared from behind to attack Carrillo. He exposed the concrete floor and drove Carrillo’s head into it with the DDT.

Rey Mysterio comes out to check on Carrillo. Andrade and Zelina celebrate as they leave through the crowd.

Carrillo is wheeled out via stretcher when the show returns from commercial break. Seth Rollins and AOP comes out. Mysterio goes after AOP, but they beat him down. Rollins “gives” the steel pipe back to Rey who is on the ground. Rey tries to grab it, but AOP stops him. Rollins says he is a “merciful leader” and that now Rey owes him one. He goes to leave, but turns around and delivers the Curbstomp to Rey Mysterio.

Caruso asked Seth Rollins backstage why he attacked Mysterio. He says because he is a leader. Rollins comments that the real question is why he didn’t send Mysterio to a hospital bed. He challenged Rey Mysterio to a match for the U.S. Championship for next week’s Raw.

Randy Orton commented on his upcoming match with AJ Styles. He says SmackDown may have been the house that AJ Styles built, but this is Raw. The 3 most dangerous letters in all of sports entertainment is R-K-O.

Asuka defeated Deonna Purrazzo of NXT via submission

Asuka looked strong against Purrazzo as she made the NXT Superstar tap out to the Asuka Lock.

Charly Caruso sat down with Becky Lynch in an interview. Caruso asked Lynch how she’s handling the loss. Lynch says she hasn’t been herself for the last few months. She says that the powers at be are trying to protect her. She says she usually her opponent needs her, but this time Lynch needs Asuka. Becky closed by saying that Asuka has always had her number. She needs to face Asuka to prove to herself she is the best.

Rey Mysterio says he has a lot of bad people coming after his championship. He says he would be willing to defend his title against Andrade at anytime. However, he moves on and accepts the challenge Seth Rollins made earlier for next week.

Randy Orton defeated AJ Styles via RKO

After the match, The OC come to the aid of AJ Styles. They beat down Randy Orton. The Viking Raiders try to come in for the save, but the OC were able to fend them off. The show ends with all three members of the OC standing in the ring.




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