WWE’s Aleister Black Offers Assistance To Special Needs Child Bullied At School

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WWE’s Aleister Black has reached out and offered help to a 12-year old special needs child online. Black’s offer came on October 25 in response to a Tweet from MMA fighter Dillon Danis, which depicts a boy named Rayden getting physically attacked in the school bathroom.

The attack continued the next day, this time from two different students. Rayden does not defend himself and according to the video, he’s been bullied since the age of nine. Rayden has autism, is deaf in one ear and has diabetes. The video, which is graphic and very disturbing, can be seen here.

WWE's Aleister Black Offers Assistance To Special Needs Child Bullied At School
Photo: WWE

Many people have commented with outrage on the Tweet, which continues  to gain attention. Black Retweeted the video and tagged fellow WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil as well. Instead of responding with anger or hate, Aleister instead wanted to help and offered to make an appearance at the school.

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“I think myself and a few others would like to come to this school and sit down with these kids and talk to them and perhaps talk to all the kids in this school on why is this happening and how to change this.”

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Photo: WWE

As of this writing, O’Neil had yet to respond. But another WWE star, Ricochet, answered with “great idea!” While the company has also not officially responded on the situation, it would surely come as no surprise if such a visit from the WWE talent would indeed come to pass.

WWE has been committed over the past several years to the Be a Star campaign, which promotes understanding and tolerance among kids and people of all ages. While the company has been ridiculed at times over the program, the fact is that it’s been a very positive thing for WWE, especially in terms of reaching out and helping when there’s a need.

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