An Eagles fan gives thanks for what he's got...

An Eagles fan gives thanks for what he's got...


An Eagles fan gives thanks for what he's got...


This is a time to count our blessings as Eagles fans.

We are known for our knowledge of the sport at many levels. We are also known at times as impatient and unforgiving critics of underachieving performance.

So just for today on the eve of Thanksgiving in America, I’d like to focus my thoughts on what I like about the Eagles, and why I am grateful to be a fan of theirs.

First, I am thankful for the history and tradition which not all NFL teams have. When your NFL family tree dates all the way back to 1933, you inherit a treasure trove of memories which cannot be taken out of your soul.

I am also thankful the team never left Philly for “greener” pastures, especially during a period of ownership back in the ’60’s which was shaky at best.

I must remind myself to be grateful for the playoff runs we had in the late ’70’s, mid-to-late ’80’s and the first decade of the new millennium. It is better to get close to the Prize than never be in the conversation.

I am thankful that Chip Kelly got a shot here— now we know better. At the time it was a breath of fresh air, lest we forget the doldrums of Andy Reid’s final two years in Philly. Let us also remember Chip got us to the playoffs in 2013.

I am grateful that owner Jeff Lurie came to his senses and restored parliamentary order to the Eagles front office.

I am thankful for the most interesting and exciting offseason activity I have ever witnessed by the Eagles front office earlier this year.

I am grateful the Eagles are remaining competitive in 2016 despite a fair amount of retooling— and unfortunate no-shows by some players for whom we had much higher expectations.

Thank you God for bringing us Carson Wentz and ending the Sam Bradford drama in a way which was beneficial to both quarterbacks.

And looking forward, I am thankful to be playing meaningful games in December again for the 4th straight year:

“We’ve got six games left and we’ve just got to win out and give ourselves a chance,” said DE Brandon Graham.

“We’ve got a long season still,” said safety Malcolm Jenkins. “A lot of football to be played. Nothing is saying that we can’t win out. We’re still in the thick of things but we just have to take it one win at a time and fix the mistakes that we’ve made.”

“One game at a time,” said Allen Barbre, who played left guard, left tackle and right tackle due to injuries in his return from his own hamstring injury. “That’s how we’ve got to approach it.”

Thanks abound in my heart also for the many friends and Bored members who contribute to this Philly fan site almost daily with their cogent comments—and to the thousands of worldwide readers who silently keep us on the air!

Happy Thanksgiving, good tidings to all…

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