It Had To Come To This

It Had To Come To This

Justice is Coming

It Had To Come To This

At the beginning of last season when it became clear that the STADIUM SAGA wasn’t going away any time soon, we all feared it would come to what it became last December.
020But then Spanos kept McCoy and even after his Carson dreams were shot down at the owners’ meeting in Houston, it didn’t seem like he had really decided to come back to San Diego with a fresh perspective.  Remember when the tone-deaf Spanos allowed Ricky Henne and the social media team to “report” on the dealings in Los Angeles?  People understandably freaked out.  The only other post I’ve seen that got fans’ ire up as much was when McCoy commented on the “special” culture he’d help created this season.  After people understandably commented that The Organization was out of its fucking mind they took it down.  But the fact that the person who McCluelessly said those words is still here speaks volumes.


With all the injuries this team has suffered, I firmly believe another coach would have gotten at least two more wins, possibly four.  Did McCoy make Gordon and Benjamin fumble against the Saints?  No, but the team reflects his personality, or lack thereof.  All the late game implosions, including the “wins” against the Broncos and Texans, would not happen on another coach’s watch.  Thus far, only the Jaguars win came against a team entirely out of the playoff picture.  But that doesn’t mean that this team was close to getting over the hump.  Not finishing was a problem of the Schottenheimer Chargers.  Then it stopped being a problem under Marty until it re-emerged in the worst possible times.  That was who Marty, was, by the way.  He said all the right things, but wasn’t the guy you saw in the old NFL Films clips.  By the time AJ Smith assembled the talent, he had become basically a figurehead.  That 14-2 won in spite of him, even though Cam Cameron going soft in the first half of 1/14/07 had as much to do with not putting the Patriots away as anything.

Will McCoy ever get fired?  I’ll believe it when it’s official but once again Spanos will wait at least a year too late.  Now, the entire city has given up on the Chargers and I don’t blame them.  Sunday’s game was against our most hated rivals, who were looking to clinch a playoff berth.  But the same think happened on the final weekend of the 2011 season and look what a Charger win got us–another year of Norv.  The following year, he beat Oakland on December 30 in another meaningless game.

We knew it could come to this.  Not running on the goal line in Denver and against Miami proved this coaching staff never learns from its mistakes, or even admits that they are mistakes to begin with.  The only win that impressed me was the Atlanta game.  The other wins seemed like losses that they just ran out of time to blow the lead entirely.  I know the Jacksonville game was nearly a shutout, but that’s meaningless.

FAITHFUL READERS know that I’ve been to Cleveland twice for games.  In November of ’92, I saw Stan Humphries morph into a hero right before my very eyes and pull out a one-point win.  In 2004, I witnessed the Chargers’ first playoff berth in twelve years.  But I guarantee I didn’t act like the dicks from Oakland did last weekend.
Speaking of dicks and last weekend, I have to point out the insanity of a kid in a windbreaker being considered “security.”  Then I have to sit in amazement with everyone else that this kid was playing pocket pool on the sidelines.091.JPG
But that’s just the year it’s been.  I don’t begrudge anyone who chose to stay home on Sunday.  San Diegans have been expected to settle for less and less and their sick of it.  It’s a year later and there are still the same rumors (mostly from Bleacher Report) that McCoy only gets canned if the team moves.  What kind of fucking message is that?  The same message we’ve been getting all along.  I’m not saying the Chargers will or won’t lose to Cleveland.  I honestly have no idea if the Browns are really as bad as their record.  I know I saw the Bolts lose to Robert Griffin during the DC Debacle in 2013 where Wisenhunt didn’t run the ball from the one.  Sound familiar?  Sadly, yes.
Being the one team that loses to Cleveland is what the Chargers deserve right now.  I’m not saying it’s going to happen.  It sucks that it’s come to this.  But it’s worse that it’s been the slow death of 2016.
I’ll talk to you after Hanukkah and Christmas.  This JIC is dedicated to Carrie Fisher, obviously.  Hang in there.

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