Emmanuel Sanders talks about Tony Romo on the Broncos

Emmanuel Sanders talks about Tony Romo on the Broncos

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Emmanuel Sanders talks about Tony Romo on the Broncos

Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders sure wouldn’t mind playing with Tony Romo.

With Dak Prescott playing well and Romo looking like a trade candidate for the Dallas Cowboys, plenty of wideouts have probably had similar thoughts lately.

Sanders voiced these on NFL Network Monday, though made a point to back his own quarterbacks and team as well. Pro Football Talk’s Josh Alper transcribed Sanders’ thoughts:

I believe I would benefit,” Sanders said. “But one thing about it is: I’m always gonna take it back and I’m just gonna put it on John Elway. In John Elway I trust. If he does bring him over, I think Tony Romo will fit good in [offensive coordinator Mike] McCoy’s system. It’s a no-huddle, up-tempo offense. I think that it’s gonna be similar to the Cowboys. I think he has Demaryius Thomas and some receiver No. 10 on the other side. I feel like we will win ballgames with Tony Romo or potentially a championship. At the same time, Paxton Lynch played in a spread offense at Memphis and he can be successful. I think Trevor can be successful. We’ll see what we do. I can’t sit up here and say ‘Bring Tony Romo!’ because I also have two other quarterbacks that are playing really well too.

Though he didn’t get to play with Peyton Manning this year, Sanders turned in a solid season at 1,032 yards and five touchdowns. The idea of getting away from developing quarterbacks and grabbing a veteran like Romo certainly has an allure, though.

And Sanders is right, of course—Romo would give the Broncos a much better shot at contention right now. Whether John Elway agrees and wants to make a deal remains to be seen.

For now, Sanders is one of many wideouts thinking the same thing.

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