Draft Profile: Johnathan Motley

Draft Profile: Johnathan Motley

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Draft Profile: Johnathan Motley

Johnathan Motley: Center, Baylor – 22 years old

Measurables: 6-9, 238 lbs., 7-4 wingspan

Strengths: Position Defense, Athleticism, Length, Quickness, Finishing at the Rim, Rebounding

Weaknesses: Shooting

Conclusion: Motley is as a high-energy, high-upside sleeper who will likely be selected in the late first or early second round.  Big men who can cover along the perimeter and at the rim are always going to be valuable, and Johnathan is arguably among the top centers in this draft based on those abilities alone. With a lack of floor spacing haunting Baylor, Motley’s improvement as a post player and passer this year as a junior might have been overshadowed by his turnover troubles. The important thing to remember though is that Motley won’t be catching the ball in the post as a primary offensive option in the NBA like he was in college. And if he gets strong enough, he could be a really tough cover in the screen-and-roll. The league is getting smaller by the second. He may never be a full-time starter, but Motley’s defensive potential makes him an intriguing prospect.

Projection: No. 34 overall in Ilia Shatashvili’s most recent mock draft

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