7 Mistakes Athletes Make With Their Instagram Audience

7 Mistakes Athletes Make With Their Instagram Audience


7 Mistakes Athletes Make With Their Instagram Audience

With the emergent prominence of digital markets, most customers on Instagram are out for a more personalized experience; reason why today’s Instagram savvy brands are turning innovative and strategic to measure up.

If you fail to nurture a personal connection with potential customers on Instagram, you always will lag behind competitors who do. This is just how business run in our today’s digital world. Regardless of whether you are a startup brand or an enterprise corporation, personalization is now more vital than ever before.

What if you’re trying to connect every other day but the Instagram audience just isn’t receptive to your attempts? Agreeably, it can be quite discouraging when Instagram analytics credit all this to poor engagement rates. Luckily, you often can pinpoint the reasons why your audience finds it hard to connect with your brand. Below are the seven most common reasons:

You’re self-absorbed.

“You can make more friends in just two months by being interested in others than you would in over two years of trying to get others interested in you,” says Dale Camegie.

You might want to take this to heart in both your business and everyday life. If you are out to impact the life of one of your Instagram followers, you ought to focus on the person’s needs and goals. Marketing your brand on Instagram isn’t all about flaring your schema in an attempt to interest people. It’s more about listening to, as well as delivering on, what your customers are looking for.

Just as we find it hard to bond with people whose talk dwells on self-centeredness, the same logic extends on Instagram, as a social media marketing platform. Self-centeredness is a major turn off – especially to your potential customers. Instead, your target customers on Instagram will cling on to competitor brands who endeavor to make them feel appreciated and valued.

You’re short of a clear target audience.

If your Instagram marketing strategy involves promoting your brand to everyone on the platform, connecting with anyone will be a difficult undertaking. The more specific you can make your Instagram target audience, the better the chances of you landing a worthy connection. You might want to narrow it down as much as possible. In doing so, you just might edge your competitors in crafting engaging posts and value propositions.

When it comes to understanding your target market on Instagram, you have to:

Make out the Instagram users who need your product, or service, most.

Learn about their disappointments, challenges, and ambitions.

Build your personas based on what you’ve learnt.

Promote your brand to that specific group of people.

As you can see, it’s not an overly-complicated process. It simply is one which most marketers on Instagram overlook. By taking ample time to really go over your homework, you’re more likely to position the right post to the right individual at the right time – and that, right there, is revolutionary marketing!

Your posts never evoke emotions.

That’s a more polite way to say that your posts are boring. You might have to consider crafting engaging text for all aspects of your business – be it your Instagram posts, content for your site’s homepage, or even a mere headline for your customer-inquiry emails. Each word you draft must convey the appropriate message. Depending on the situation, your words should evoke the right emotions.

Ensure that you make use of language that directly relates to the pain points of your target Instagram audience. In doing so, you implant a lasting impression and connection to your potential customers. Understand that words are a sturdy tool. Use them sparingly and appropriately.

You never take a stand.

What exactly is unique about your brand? Or, what is the one aspect that sets you apart from your industry’s competitor brands on Instagram?

You’ve got to have the answers to these questions on your fingertips. Just as it is important to understand your customers on Instagram, it rewards to be self-aware. After all, if you don’t house a special understanding for your distinct selling proposition, how can you stick out and really connect to your target Instagram audience?

Find out what makes your brand stand out. Only then, will you be able to grow your marketing strategies, sales, as well as internal culture around that very differentiating aspect.

You neglect to engage with your audience.

A relationship is a two-way street. Consequently, if problems ever crop up, it never is the sole slipup of a single person. In some way, both parties play part in the break of the relationship.

You might want to find resourceful ways to directly engage with your Instagram audience. Always go out of your way to strike up conversations, send your loyal customers thoughtful gifts, or even share tokens of appreciation. It doesn’t matter if this is a time-consuming duty; it is a great way to secure a lifetime’s worth of loyal customers. The reward is worthy of your investment. Many athletes can use a bot such as Instagress to engage with followers.

You aren’t around the right team.

Did you know that your brand’s survival is heavily reliant on the team you build? Well, yes. It’s that important.

You might want to consider surrounding yourself with people who align with your long-term visions and goals. Be supportive with your team, hearten their success, and offer a helping hand when they fail. Most importantly, you have to be willing to accept that hiring a certain person was a terrible mistake.

You ought to be on familiar terms with how you can consolidate the right team. At times, this means doing away with the wrong team. Keep in mind the adage – ‘Hire slow, fire fast.’

You’re impatient for results.

Building an Instagram following of target customers takes time. Heed not what some ‘gurus’ claim. It never transpires overnight. It doesn’t matter how many Instagram followers you purchase – you never can build an audience with numbers alone.

There’s no need for ploys and gimmicks. You have to take time to build your following the right way. The logic to associate is, only invest in Instagram users you want to invest in your brand. Once you are certain that your Instagram following crowds with the right audience be patient enough to see the results.

What do you consider to be the most challenging aspect when connecting with your customers in this digital era? Please take a moment to share your thoughts, or questions, in the comments section below.

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