Top 5 famous sports entrepreneurs

Top 5 famous sports entrepreneurs


Top 5 famous sports entrepreneurs

Almost all athletes acknowledge the fact that professional playing doesn’t last very long. For instance, football career may last 7-8 years on average. An NFL career averages around 3 years. Keeping in mind such projection, it is critically important for athletes to prepare for the future.

Even athletes after retiring from their respective sport look in many directions for inspiration. Even generally, people look forward to sports metaphors to describe their challenges and approaches. Many athletes have moved on to successful business careers after their retirement. It is of absolute surprise of how these famous sports entrepreneurs have left a meaningful impression across industries like entertainment and fashion. Current players can turn over the following examples who have reached the pinnacles of success even after completion of their sport days.

Michael Jordan

Considered by many as the greatest player of all time has changed the way game is played and left an ineradicable mark on the NBA. But that is not enough. He even turned out to be an amazing entrepreneur leaving a great impact in the market. He is the main owner of Charlotte Hornets, a team whose value soared to more than $700 million. He also opened a steakhouse chain and lent his name to Nike’s Air Jordan line of sneakers. Given his diversity in terms of business holdings, one cannot doubt his competence in the field of finance and basketball, of course.

Tony Hawk

Hawk became a professional skateboarder at the age of 14. His athletic career is an example for all winning 73 tournaments out of 100 with an invention of over 80 tricks. Nevertheless, his business life is an absolute success as well. He is owner of Birdhouse which is one of the largest skateboarding companies and also owns a line of clothing.

George Foreman

He is former world heavyweight boxing champion winning the title from Joe Frazier. He is also the oldest professional boxing champion in the history of sport. Today he is considered one of the best sports entrepreneur in the world with a line of clothing and cleaning product company. He sold his rights to George Foreman Grill for over $130 million in 1999.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams is not only renowned in the world of tennis but is also a famous household name. She added 21 Grand Slam Tournament titles to her name. Many consider her as one of greatest tennis player of all time.

Currently she is founder of her interior designer firm called “V Starr Interiors”. She even owns a fashion line and was also the bestselling author.

Cal Ripken JR.

A complete inspiration for baseball players out there. He has played in more than 2600 consecutive games with more than 3000 hits and 400 home runs. When it comes to entrepreneurship, he owns two minor league teams and is a spokesperson for many consumer product brands. He is also a best-selling author and also known for his charitable personality. He owns a charitable organization named Athletes for Hope.

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