Bye As In Goodbye And Not A Week Off

Bye As In Goodbye And Not A Week Off

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Bye As In Goodbye And Not A Week Off

So here I am on one of the few Sundays that I’m not obligated to watch football and what am I doing? Watching football. I see the Cowboys finishing of KC, which technically works in the Chargers’ benefit. Of course it means I have to pull for Dallas, who is being led by a player who shouldn’t even be playing. The problem is that even though the Bolts are two games behind the Chiefs in a “wide open” division, I don’t see it happening.

Seriously, do you think we would beat either of these teams in their own buildings? Because that’s what it would take for us so seriously contend for the postseason. The Chargers can try and delude themselves that they were “right there” with New England but if the Patriots hadn’t missed two field goals it wouldn’t have been that close on the scoreboard. I also believe that if we were actually in a position to win the game, they wouldn’t have missed. Their kicker isn’t a choker and the Chargers refused to take advantage of whatever breaks they got last week. Lynn can point to the penalty on Williams but the reality the Chargers were giving that game away no matter what. Usually, teams can use that as solace for the future. The reasoning is that the next time they won’t make so many mistakes and the outcome will be different.

I’m not buying it. I rarely agree with anything Bleacher Report says, but this reiterates what a lot of people have been saying about the Pats. However, the Chargers play up or down to whoever they face. I saw one drive today of the Rams against the Giants. They ran Gurley repeatedly and on 3rd and goal Goff threw a td in the smallest of windows when it seemed like he could have run for a score. He went on to throw 3 more touchdowns. I could care less about the Rams, but isn’t Dean all about fighting for LA? I know they dropped that slogan for now, but that team is getting the most out of the talent they’ve got. I don’t know if they are overachieving but the Bolts certainly have as much talent, if not more. Unlike the team they faced in August, the Rams aren’t tripping all over themselves.

Look at the Pats game again. Travis Benjamin makes stupid mistakes but what is there to stop him? Him and Williams are the least reliable guys on that offense and yet they always seem to be where Rivers is going. Williams has already fumbled this year and needed to grab that ball last week. I know Lynn talks a good game, but I don’t see these guys not making the same mistakes over and over again. I think that’s because I see the coach making the same mistakes over and over again. The Chargers come out looking more inventive than they have all year. They threw to Henry on that first drive and then he was never heard from again. I know the Pats game plan to take away whatever the opposition seems to do best, but this has happened in a few games this year. Fuck, Rivers didn’t even THROW to him. I didn’t even mind the Wildcat because at least it was better than run, run, pass.

Ok, I know Wisenhunt calls the plays. Lynn talks about using the ground game more, but last week seemed like an occasion to throw more. The Pats’ secondary has been vicitmized by many teams this year. However, the one time to use running game would have been on short yardage. This made the decision to kick on the first drive even more galling. Novak wasn’t even 100 percent last week and I’m not confident he makes it even if he was. Plus, you know 3 points aren’t going to do it in the end. Charger kickers always miss the ones they shouldn’t be trying to begin with. Of course Lynn defended his decision after the game. I have no doubt he’ll do the same thing next time and wonder why we keep losing close games.

Later, when it was 3rd down and 1 they try that rub route to Williams. I don’t like the call and I really don’t like the target. The guy is not trustworthy and why have Gordon if you aren’t using him there? Maybe if Williams wasn’t such a punk maybe he’d have gotten the call on Benjamin’s touchdown. Probably not. The Pats get the calls because they’ve earned the right. That’s my thinking. On the Gronkowski touchdown, one of their players literally dove at the knees of a defender. Is that bullshit? Of course it is. But when you aren’t constantly making mistakes like the Chargers do refs tend to give you the benefit of the doubt. When people mentioned that we had TWO touchdowns nullified due to penalty I couldn’t remember the first one. That was because it was clear to anyone that Williams had stepped out. If he hadn’t, I doubt he’d have held on. Again, it’s not just about Travis Benjamin or Tyrell Williams. I’m sure these guys wouldn’t fuck up as much if they weren’t on the Chargers.

The Pats went after Addae because any smart coach would. The guy continues to go for the big hit instead of covering someone. I read somewhere that New England dared us to go for it on the first drive. The suggestion was that the defense played as if they knew how much space they had behind them. On 3rd and 16, I am sure they played back but I doubt that the plan was to let Gates get 15 yards. He shouldn’t even be getting the ball there. Beyond ignoring Henry, it seems like Keenan Allen is getting ignored a bit. Of course, when you can count on Benjamin doing Benjamin things and Williams following suit, you know covering Allen will get the job done.

Jacksonville looks better than we do right now. Even Laughing Lambo is connecting on kicks. I don’t know what the spread is for Sunday but that is one of the more “winnable” games in our final 8 and I don’t have too much faith.

I am officially going to the Christmas Eve game against the Jets and that seems like another team getting more out of what they have than the Chargers. Maybe I’ll feel more positive next week but these guys need to show me something the rest of the way. Sunday was a very winnable game and the Chargers left opportunities on the field like Richard Goodman so many years ago. I’d say look it up, but I know you don’t have to.


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