Russia World Cup 2018: Are You Geared Up?

Russia World Cup 2018: Are You Geared Up?


Russia World Cup 2018: Are You Geared Up?


FIFA World Cup is almost here! Once again the entire world is immersed in the excitement and thrill of finding out which country will take home the FIFA Championship trophy. If you are a FIFA fan, then you would be all ready to welcome the world cup season, which is starting June 14, 2018.

This year, the world cup is expected to be bigger than ever. There are 32 teams, which will be playing at 12 stadiums in 11 cities. Most of our favorite players have found a place in the final teams, and it is surely going to be a spectacle to watch. Russia has done extensive renovations, and the venues are ready to host all the tourists and fans who visit the country to watch the championships.

Every true FIFA fan will either be sitting in the stadium cheering, or glued to their television screens all month long. The first match of the championship is on 14th June 2018, between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Quarter finals start from 6th of July, and the final match will be played on 15th July, when we will finally get to know who becomes the FIFA World CupChampion 2018.

If you are a huge fan of FIFA, then you should aim at watching at least one of the matches of your favorite team in the stadium. You can take a trip to Russia and include a match in your itinerary.

Can I still get tickets?

While it is always advised to plan attending world cup in time, you can always aim at getting seats even now. Just a week away from the opening match, it might be difficult to get a ticket for the first couple of matches. But for the matches scheduled for 3rd or 4th week of June, you can find tickets for the stadium.

Look for tickets online on the official website of FIFA World Cup for more information about how to book tickets for your favorite team’s match. If you act fast, you can get to see your team play in quarter finals or semifinals.

What if I don’t have enough money?

Yes, a trip to Russia along with the stadium ticket will definitely make your wallet shrink a little bit. If you do not have enough money to visit Russia to watch the World Cup, you can ask your friends and family to offer you a loan or sponsor your trip. You can take credit from them and pay later. Make sure you do not spend a lot of money though. Try to keep your trip minimalistic and frills free.

You can also look for credit companies offering quick loans online. Remember that these loans from credit companies come with a rate of interest, and it is advised to take only the required amount. Calculate how much more money you need to see your favorite players in action, and apply for a loan online.

FIFA World Cup is indeed one of the most spectacular events in the world, and a chance to see the action live from the stadium is surreal. Even if you can’t go to Russia, make sure to not miss the action!

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