Boston Red Sox toying with AL East

Boston Red Sox toying with AL East

Red Sox

Boston Red Sox toying with AL East


The Boston Red Sox are fresh off a masterful four game sweep of the New York Yankees, where they devastated them in ways that might have seemed impossible going into the series. Not just in the standings, but on the field, it is hard to imagine a more demoralizing series for a team that had hopes of closing in on the division lead.

The Red Sox capped it off with a ninth inning comeback highlighted by an error with a routine ground ball. The Yankees have plummeted behind the Red Sox, who have a more comfortable lead for the division than anyone should at this point.

And yet, they still are not done with their fun in the AL East. The Red Sox opened a series against the Toronto Blue Jays and, at first, it looked like they might be feeling a bit of a hangover after such an exciting series against the Yankees. Once again, however, they were just  playing around with their inferior foe.

The Red Sox looked like an utter disaster, and were on the other end of late game heroics. Then, turned it all around. They made it clear that they can always have a short memory, and nothing will ever be safe no matter what the situation is.

The Red Sox are having a lot of fun in extra innings lately, and their 10th inning against the Blue Jays was a special experience. The Red Sox had to mount multiple comebacks, and then even blew the game in the ninth inning.

A lot of teams can be crushed by a game tying home run in the ninth inning, particularly when it is against Craig Kimbrel. It clearly had the opposite effect on the Red Sox, who went on to hit a three run blast, followed by a two run blast to add on the insurance.

Once again, the Red Sox bats came alive when it mattered most, and they utterly demolished the hopes of a Blue Jays team that does not have much left to play for.

Obviously, the Red Sox should not have to be in this kind of position against the Blue Jays. They should be able to run away against opponents that are sitting 10 games under .500, but it will never work that simply.

What we know now is that is Red Sox are going to be the most comfortable team in the worst situations. They have confidence that will not waver for anyone at any point, and they are delivering some of the most gut wrenching loses to their AL East opponents.

It would be easier on everyone is the Red Sox just ran away in every game like we know they can. Instead, the Red Sox are proving to be the most exciting team in the league while thoroughly dominating.

They embrace these tight moments, and they are giving the fans some of the most enticing games of the year, despite having what feels like an insurmountable lead in the division. All that excitement has to be at the expense of someone, and there is little doubt that the AL East has the biggest victims.

The Red Sox know that this means nothing if their play does not translate to the playoffs, and there is the worry about peaking too early. What we can be confident of, is that if the Red Sox are playing their best, there is no team they are scared of, while getting ready to devastate a lot more people on the biggest stage.

The Red Sox have already pushed the Al East around more than anyone anticipated, with a lead that will only be lost with a truly epic collapse. Still, they are here issuing some of the more difficult loses to handle, leaving the division with next to no hope.

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